You Better Get Ready Wellington, The New Zealand Convoy is Coming

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Also check out the 'Zello' walkie-talkie app and listen to these two channels: Convoy coming from the South Island: Channel name: Southern convoy 22 nz Convoy coming from the North Island: Channel name: Freedom Convoy 2022 nz

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Public Comments supporting the protests

Barbara Joy Buchanan 1 day ago We do well for a small country. Way to go Kiwis. This is not about vaxed or unvaxed. It is about liberty and freedom. Light will defeat the darkness and good will defeat evil. izzypom1 1 day ago Could be more prouder to be a New Zealander today 🧡Beautiful to see us all coming together as one 🧡🧡Thank you to all those that are travelling to Wellington/Picton making a STAND for us josh the golf 1 day ago Wish we could be there with you !!!! So proud of you kiwis !!!!.👊👊🙌🙌🌈🌈❤❤ FREEEEEEEEDOM xoxoxoxo Maria Callas 1 day ago Tears to my eyes as this melts my sore heart. Many thanks to all involved. Go well caravan of Love! Helen Yuretich 1 day ago Was wonderful to see convoy head off from Far North. Would love to be there. Stand strong. Corina Douglas 1 day ago Absolutely beautiful, NZ! You have done me proud. This movement is the greatest of our time and it is bringing us all together in ways we have never been in a long time. I'm so proud to stand with all of you! June Te Huia 1 day ago Ka Nui te pai WELL DONE AOTEAROA ... Coming together as one is amazing to see all UNITED IN THE CAUSE!!! Jan C 1 day ago Wonderful to see such a stand and the support all around New Zealand. Time the government took note. riki ahomiro 1 day ago 'AWESOME NZ' STANDING UP' THANKYOU CORONAVIRUS PLUSHIE AND COUTERSPIN FOR GETTING THIS OUT TO THE WORLD. James Foster 1 day ago Fantastic!!! Bought tears to my eyes. Proud of you kiwi's standing up for our rights. Thankyou! Linda Grey 1 day ago This is amazing, well done the organizers and the proud kiwis supporting the convoy and all it stands for... doesn't look like a 'minority' to me!! ❤❤❤ Steve l 1 day ago Wish I was able to just drop everything and take part. Wat to go!! I would say that there are many more like me and you guys represent us all!! Thankyou!! Fiona McEwen 1 day ago Love it, watched the livestream all day and as many videos as I could find on Facebook... go you wonderful patriots!!! Kayce Jay 1 day ago Way to go NZ. Awesome effort. Stacey Hawkins 1 day ago Thank you all for being there on behalf of the ones who cannot 💜 Eliza Goodytwoshoes 1 day ago Awesome this brings tears to my eyes, go NZ!!! This has to crack open as the Nuremberg 2.0 trial begins, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH stop this madness👍 Gary Larkan 1 day ago Awesome to see that Kiwis have finally found their collective backbone 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️ Debz 1 day ago Awesome montage .... Awesome people....Awesome Unity ......Toot toot ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Brenda Coleman 1 day ago Great! Thanks for sharing. So proud of the convoy and supporters. Stevie Naera 1 day ago Way to Go New Zealand!! What Katie Dug 1 day ago Absolutely beautiful!!! Such an uplifting video. Thank you 💫🕊🌿🥰 truwesti 1 day ago love love love. No matter how many trolls & nasty ones are attempting disrupt what is happen in NZ with the convoy, I am so proud Kiwis are standing up in unison with the World to take back our rights from this evil communist takeover of the western nations. Tears in my eyes watching this. Thank you Plushie once again for an awesome video! HONK for FREEDOM!!! The trumpets are heard all around the world. Kim Mihaka 1 day ago Proud NZ'er here, with a tear in my eye.👊👊👊 LL LL 1 day ago Wow! So proud of you all. Swami Karma Karuna 1 day ago So inspiring. I am brought to tears! Chris Muc 1 day ago I am very happy to see NZ waking up!👍 Jas B 1 day ago Well done everyone. FREEDOM was never easy. The world is watching. Shona Grace 1 day ago Beautiful depiction of true blue news. Just come in after 2 hours on the main road into napier with a huge crowd of support. The rain was torrential at times but it did not deter us or dampen our spirits. Rise up Rise up ❤🙏🧡 Louise Day 1 day ago WE DID GOOD TODAY PEOPLE>>OUR MOST UNITED WAITANGI DAY EVER!!!! jiara01 1 day ago Thank you @Coronavirus Plushie for this video. Bought tears to the heart & eyes. FREEDOM!!! Milika*Creative*ARTS 1 day ago Yes NZ is Standing Up. Great video and love the music. CA 1 day ago Love a peaceful protest for freedom. Full of integrity and patriotic kiwis 💞 Alex Hills 1 day ago Woo hoo go New ZEALAND!❤️🇳🇿👊&🇨🇦👊🇦🇺 Osmyn Morgan 1 day ago Excellent song choice Lynda Eichler 1 day ago This is an awesomely composed video. Thank you so much ♥️ Dee Viant 1 day ago With you all the way, real kiwis, real humans 😎😎❤️👍 Anna Greenwood 1 day ago This is so great to see...Thanks your videos💖 j p 1 day ago Awesome! Harriet F 1 day ago Heartwarming to watch! Beautiful work on this video!!! NZ 🙌❤ Bill Coats 1 day ago We had a great supportive crowd as they went through Oamaru Karma Russell 48 minutes ago So proud of everyone making this journey - was amazing to cheer u all into Auckland! Much Aroha to everyone 💚🙏🏼 Kevin B 1 day ago I'm so proud to be human again thanks to you! Erika Szabo 1 day ago (edited) Love it! Kiwis have had enough of division and medical apartheid! Christine Dennis 13 hours ago Fantastic - taking part on Sunday, driving Oamaru to Christchurch was such a privilege and blessing. Great to see the hope in people's faces, their smiles and joy of coming together. Thanks to every single person who is taking part - drivers, passengers, roadside supporters, food suppliers, sign writers ......God speed and safe travels to Wellington today. ❤ Taylor Roos 6 hours ago Me and my friends tried to find an overpass in Dunedin that had no supporters on it (most of the others were full). Best we could do was one that only had 4 others when we arrived. by the time the convoy arrived there was 30 people on our little overpass. So proud of everyone who made the trip to wellington today, and everyone who joined for a bit or supported from the roadside, especially those who gave out food/water/fuel and places to park on the long journey up. At a time when I was beginning to feel the most alone I have ever felt in my life this convoy has filled me and thousands of others with hope! Keep truckin NZ! you tube 5 hours ago I'm happy and sad at the same time, makes me proud to see a lot people with big hearts and empathy....Love to all brave New Zealanders🙏💚 Joanna Bauer-Savage 5 hours ago Thank you to everyone who organised and support this. Stand up NZ - together - UNITED Don't let your fear cause separation Take self-responsibility for yourself and your own health Be a critical thinker Respect others and their views - you don't know their story Today to all the unvaxxed TEENS out there in NZ who cannot go to a public pool, public library, cafe, get a driver's licence, play school sport, participate in school excursions or class camps and are excluded in many after school activities or shamed and bullied publicly for being "different" - we are standing up for you. Be brave. Stand up to peer pressure like never before. Read more MARANT NZ 1 day ago (edited) i love you plushie...always bringing the fire ❤️🔥🤙 mad-bhaktiṁ labhate parām 1 day ago Thank you courageous kiwis! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Tracey Brown 1 day ago (edited) Proud to be a kiwi right now Kiwi in Tokyo 4 hours ago Love it... when I see this I am so proud to be a kiwi. Supporting everyone with a set of kahuna all the way from Tokyo. Love you all... thank you for standing up for me when I can be there physically. Josephine Stewart 1 day ago Epic compilation! Thank you! ❤ Vaughan Nicholls 1 day ago Freedom!!! Neil Douglas 1 day ago (edited) As Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead sang 'Keep on Truckin" man.. Most of the cats that you meet on the street speak of true love Most of the time, they're sittin' and cryin' at home One of these days they know they better be goin' Out of the door and down to the street all aloneTruckin', like the do-dah man Once told me, "You've got to play your hand" Sometimes the cards ain't worth a dime If you don't lay 'em down Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me Other times, I can barely see Lately, it occurs to me What a long, strange trip it's beenYou're sick of hangin' around and you'd like to travelGet tired of travelin', you want to settle down I guess they can't revoke your soul for tryin' Get out of the door and light out and look all around Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me Other times, I can barely see Lately, it occurs to me What a long, strange trip it's been Truckin', I'm a goin' home Whoa, whoa, baby, back where I belong Back home, sit down and patch my bones And get back truckin' on Kerri Low 1 day ago Freedom!!!! ✊✊ clarrie ross 1 day ago Excellent clip,go the safe. Jono Spark 1 day ago Perfect music to go with this. Such a rising! Mum Rebirthed 1 day ago ❤ Much love everyone, go well and stay safe on the roads today ❤ Awhina Tamati 12 hours ago The times, where I am so proud to be here. Live & fight for our freedoms. Love this Charp 1 day ago SO ready 👊👊👊 gavin mcarthur 1 day ago thats awesome bought a tear to my old eyes G C 1 day ago Proud to all our warriors ❤

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