On Saturday World Wide Rally for Freedom is happening across the UK at 1pm & also globally. Make sure to join our Telegram Channel for updates. We will be there in Londonand will have placards available on the day. ORDER YOUR PLACARDS TODAY

We now have a WEBSITE LINK to buy our No Vaccine Mandates placards (see graphic at top of this email), to be delivered to you ahead of the protest this Saturday. They are available in packs of 10 or 20 so it would be great if those from other cities can buy some to distribute on the day. People are often happy to donate some money for one on the day, so you can cover your costs. We hope you enjoyed footage from the @toegetherdec Twitter feed yesterday and our visit to Downing Street to deliver the petitions and a letter to the Prime Minister. We were featured widely in the Press, on the BBC, Sky, Channel 4 & ITV News. We will continue to share links and drive this message to end ALL restrictions on 26 January.

We have just delivered the Together Declaration with 201K signatories to Downing Street and a separate petition with 160,000 signatories opposing Vaccine Mandates, initiated by Together member Ryan Karter.

Well done everyone - our voices are getting through! We will keep insisting on seeing an end to Vaccine Passports everywhere along with Plan B and all restrictions including masks and distancing. They should all be stopped on 26 January, along with impending Vaccine Mandates.

“Today we delivered 360,000 signatures to @10DowningStreet with a letter to @BorisJohnson calling for an end to Vaccine Passports, Mandate and all restrictions by 26 Jan"

We want our old Normal back fully @reutersuk

It's crucial @sajidjavid stops the mandate too


We will be continuing with important Calls To Action including emails to your Local MP, NHS Trust CEOs, Trade Unions, Universities and Local Councils stating why the Vaccine Mandate must stop. You will also be able to join one of our many local groups across the UK to help leaflet on this crucial issue.

PLEASE POST THE FOLLOWING TODAY: On Sat 22 Jan World Wide Rally for Freedom is happening across UK at 1pm & globally It's vital now that we keep pushing to end all restrictions on 26 January & to insist Vaccine Mandates end @sajidjavid @10DowningStreet @Togetherdec @ReutersUK #WorldWideDemo #StandTogether PLEASE FOLLOW AND SHARE ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS: Twitter: @togetherdec Instagram: @togetherdeclaration Facebook TikTok Linkedin Youtube: Healthcare Playlist GETTR Gab Telegram THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUING SUPPORT We are stronger Together

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