World Economic Forum: Reimagining Regulation for the Age of AI: New Zealand Pilot Project

Posted By The White Rose UK On 07/12/2021

In a white paper published in June 2020, the World Economic Forum is spearheading a multistakeholder, evidence-based policy project in partnership with the Government of New Zealand.

The project aims at co-designing actionable governance frameworks for AI regulation. It is structured around three focus areas:

1) obtaining of a social licence for the use of AI through an inclusive national conversation;

2) the development of in-house understanding of AI to produce well-informed policies; and

3) the effective mitigation of risks associated with AI systems to maximize their benefits.

For each of these areas, the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – under the Platform for Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – has produced frameworks and guidelines that, once combined, contribute to the development of an appropriate regulatory environment for AI.

New Zealand signs up to be first A.I. Ginny Pig State experiment:

T.E.K. introduces plans for implementing artificial intelligence in New Zealand that existed before 2020. He says that nothing is about a certain virus, it’s all about training the people into AI by means of social distancing, tracking apps, digital passports etc.

There are no human rights left in New Zealand. Civilians are in jail for breaking virus protocols. The government is taking over everything, water, land etc. and are forcing people to take the jab.

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