DICKS OUT !!! Woke London Police Boss Dame Cressida Dick Resigns

Updated: Feb 13


Commissioner Cressida Dick has handed in her resignation as the most senior police officer in the United Kingdom after the Mayor of London said he no longer had faith in her leadership.

London’s scandal-hit Metropolitan Chief Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick has announced her resignation, with Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan saying in a statement after he told the top officer he was not satisfied with her response to an ultimatum to improve.

Dick said in a statement on Thursday that “it is clear [the Mayor] no longer has sufficient confidence in my leadership to continue”. [At least she's finally accepted responsibility - not like the Murray Cruncher in the Gherkin]

Incredibly, the resignation comes just hours after Dick claimed “I have absolutely no intention of going and I believe that I am and have been, actually for the last five years, leading a real transformation in the Met”.

Cressida Dick Set For £575,000 Payout And £160,00-A-Year Pension

Dame Cressida Dick is leaving her role after a series of damaging controversies. The Metropolitan Police has been accused of having a dysfunctional culture in recent months after a series of high-profile incidents involving active officers.

Last week, the police watchdog found "disgraceful" misogyny, discrimination and sex harassment among some Met PCs.The most notable among them was the rape and murder of Sarah Everard.

Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens had used the pretence of coronavirus lockdown regulations and his police badge to falsely arrest Everard, allowing him to drive her to a secluded location where he raped and strangled her.

Crises and controversies of the Met chief.

The career of Cressida Dick has seen her weather a number of storms that would have sunk many others. Allegations relating to an unholy trinity of dishonesty, prejudice and incompetence dogged the Met for almost all of her tenure.

Perhaps the most high profile of the potentially career-ending scandals was the murder of Sarah Everard by a serving Met Police officer. A serving Met Police officer with a record of indecent exposure and a nickname of "the rapist".

Dame Cressida said she was "so sorry" and remained.

After the heavy-handed way the force handled subsequent protests and vigils - in which clashes broke out between women and police officers trying to control the gathering, Dame Cressida said confidence in policing was damaged because of remarks made on social media rather than the actions of any Met officers.

Misogyny, discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment throughout the ranks of the Met were uncovered in a damning report from the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

The force issued an apology. Dame Cressida remained.

A report into the 1987 murder of Daniel Morgan - the killer remains unidentified - accused the force of institutional corruption. It found that the then-Assistant Commissioner Dame Cressida had initially refused to grant access to a police internal data system.

She apologised and remained.

The shambolic Operation Midland which gave credibility to allegations of child sexual abuse by the paedophile and fantasist Carl Beech did not stop her rising through the ranks, even amid the persistent rumble of accusations against the Met of institutional racism and corruption.

She had been responsible for supervising the senior investigating officer who said allegations made by Beech were "credible and true". Despite hearing the officer say this, and knowing it "was a mistake", Dame Cressida admitted she had done nothing to correct it. The force had to pay compensation to a number of people whose reputations had been unfairly tarnished by Beech's lies.

She apologised and remained.

Last September it was announced by the prime minister and home secretary that Dame Cressida's contract - due to end in April - would be extended for another two years.

It spurred victims of police injustice to write an open letter accusing Dame Cressida of "presiding over a culture of incompetence and cover-up". Baroness Lawrence, whose son Stephen was murdered in a racist attack, and Lady Brittan, whose home was raided when her husband Lord Brittan was falsely accused of child abuse were two of the signatories.

Obviously, Dame Cressida is not personally responsible for the wrongs committed by her officers. But she was the head of the organisation that - however unwittingly - facilitated the crimes of Wayne Couzens.

Cressida DIck put on a brave face as she arrived at Scotland Yard today – just hours after resigning as Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

However, she still has plenty to smile about as she will walk away with up to three taxpayer-funded pensions worth £160,000-a-year – plus a pay-off in the region of £575,000.

She was head of the organisation which treated sexualised, violent and discriminatory behaviour as "banter".

Good Bye and Good Riddance - Common Purpose have lost another foot soldier - thank God

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