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Winter of discontent - for those promoting fear

Public waking up to Covid-19 injection con.


There was no science behind the claim that the vaccine would stop the spread.

IN many countries during recent months, there has been a significant reduction of the restrictive measures that were originally introduced in the name of an alleged ‘pandemic’.

But this does not mean that we have won the battle against the propaganda and lies about the existence of a new respiratory ‘disease’ called Covid-19 caused by a ‘virus’ referred to as SARS- CoV-2.

The would-be-controllers are clearly not going to give up that easily. This is obvious from the increasing efforts to ramp up the level of fear through reports about rising numbers of Covid-19 ‘cases’, as can be seen by an October 14 article on the BBC website entitled, Covid-19 cases rise as one in 37 has virus in UK. It’s important to remember though that ‘cases’ are based purely on ‘tests’, none of which have ever been able to prove the presence in the body of a ‘pathogenic virus’.

We are now also being warned about the return of the ‘flu’; a ‘disease’ that seemed to have magically disappeared during the height of the alleged covid ‘pandemic’ during 2020 and 2021, yet is now being reported to be significantly increasing in both prevalence and severity.

This raises the inevitable question: If masking and indoor restrictions reduced the spread of the ‘flu’, why didn’t it curb the spread of Covid-19? After all, they are considered to be rather similar conditions, as the NHS claims on its website: “The symptoms (of Covid-19) are very similar to symptoms of other illnesses, such as colds and flu.”

Unfortunately, a large number of symptoms that are far more serious than those regarded as ‘flu-like’ are being attributed to infection and reinfection with Covid-19, as can be seen by an article entitled Strokes, heart attacks, sudden deaths: Does

America understand the long-term risks of catching Covid-19?

The article refers to a ‘study’ that analysed 38,000 people with ‘covid reinfections’ and claimed to have found that “these reinfected individuals had higher risks of mortality, hospitalisation, and adverse health outcomes in multiple organs”.

It should be noted that this is a ‘non-peer-reviewed’ study.

A vitally important question that does not seem to have been asked is: Why have these health problems only begun to occur recently? In other words, if such conditions are caused by ‘Covid-19’, then why did they not occur during 2020 and 2021? One suggestion may be that these conditions are due to ‘long covid’, but this is a complete fabrication; the medical establishment even admits that they do not fully understand what that is.

We can and should ask the question: What has changed that may have caused such health concerns?

Although some people may suggest that these changes are due to ‘mutations’ of the virus, we have to remember there is no proof of the existence of a ‘pathogenic virus’.

There is of course one thing that has changed, which is that billions of people across the world have received injections of what are referred to as ‘Covid-19 vaccines’.

There are different ideas about what these injections are and what they should be called, but the one point that needs to be made crystal clear is that they can be harmful and potentially fatal. This can be seen by the thousands of people who have been officially recognised to have been harmed or have even died soon after receiving their ‘vaccine’.

The medical establishment will no doubt claim that ‘correlation does not equal causation’, but this claim is disingenuous because so many people who were reportedly healthy nevertheless succumbed to a serious health condition after receiving their injection.

Furthermore, in a recent video entitled, Dutch member of parliament managed to get Pfizer exec to admit that vaccines never stop transmission, Rob Roos, the Dutch MEP, asked a direct question in a Covid-19 hearing in the European Parliament of one of the Pfizer directors, and received the answer that the vaccine had never been tested on stopping the transmission of the virus.

This admission by the Pfizer director shows that those who agreed to be vaccinated because they were told that it will help protect others have been grossly misled. It is more correct to say that they were lied to; there was no science behind the claim that the vaccine would prevent spread. And, as the Dutch MP states in the video: “This removes the entire legal basis for the Covid-19 passport.”

The vital importance of this statement cannot be overstated.

We are clearly not heading for a winter of discontent due to any ‘contagious disease’, because there is no such thing, whether it’s called a cold, the flu, Covid-19, long covid or anything else. The symptoms associated with these labels are the body’s normal self-healing processes; more serious symptoms will be due to a deeper level of self-healing processes taking place.

Fortunately, however, as more people recognise the lies they have been told about ‘Covid-19’ and the need for vaccines, it is quite possible that there may be ‘discontent’. But this discontent will be experienced by those who attempt to coerce people to be poisoned in the name of ‘healthcare’ and discover that their efforts are largely futile, because most people have chosen not to receive injections of any kind.

Remember: informed decisions can only be made when we are in full possession of all the necessary information.

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