Why the UK Government’s Plan to Vaccinate ALL Children Against the Flu is a TERRIBLE Idea

The UK government recently announced that there will be a mass vaccination programme against the flu, which will include children aged 2-15.

The UK government are planning to include children in the Winter flu vaccination programme to tackle cases of Covid-19.

Young children will join the annual flu jab rollout which includes anyone aged 16-50 with conditions, and all people over 50.

Following the announcement, Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union (NEU), said: “The welcomes the news that there will be a mass vaccination programme against the flu including of children.

“Vaccines are very safe and convey huge protections to individuals and society.”

Kevin explained that Covid cases are highest amongst children and are forecasted to spike in September, with worries about long Covid providing another valid reason to vaccinate children against the flu.

“We know that the MHRA have concluded that the Pfizer vaccine is safe for 12- to 15-year-olds. And we know that 90% of parents are in favour of vaccinating their children against coronavirus,” Courtney said.

“It is important that we can begin to plan the vaccination effort.

“Knowing whether children will be vaccinated is also important to any discussions about what other mitigations to slow the spread of the virus should be put in place.”

Vaccinating children against the flu and Covid is pointless

Whilst the NEU states that Covid cases are highest amongst children and younger people, they fail to mention that children are the least likely age group to fall seriously unwell or die from the virus.

They failed to mention that the majority of alleged Covid-19 deaths occurred in people over the age of 85 whilst 3 in every 5 suffered a learning difficulty. Additionally, there is a negligible amount of Covid deaths in anyone under the age of 60, according to the UK government’s Coronavirus dashboard.

It would be pointless to vaccinate children against the flu to prevent the spread of Covid as the number of children to die OF Covid is zero, whilst the number of children to die WITH Covid-19 is in the teens. Furthermore, those that have died with the virus had serious underlying health conditions, which are likely to be responsible for death instead of the virus, yet they are labelled Covid deaths due to testing positive via an inaccurate PCR test.

The NEU also failed to ignore the fact that children do not suffer from the symptoms of Covid-19, and if they do, they are incredibly mild. They seem to forget that children have immune systems, just like everyone else, and are able to fight off infections, as it’s normal to catch a cold during the flu season.

The NEU stated in their press release that: “With Covid cases amongst children now the highest they have been during the pandemic and with many forecasts of large numbers of cases in September and worries about long Covid, we are very concerned to hear what JCVI will say about Covid vaccinations for children.”

However, a number of doctors and health experts have spoken out about the lie that is children suffering greatly from Covid. For example, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health released a statement via their President, Professor Russel Viner, which stated: “Children’s wards are usually busy in winter. As of now, we are not seeing significant pressure from COVID-19 in paediatrics across the UK.

“As cases in the community rise there will be a small increase in the number of children we see with COVID-19, but the overwhelming majority of children and young people have no symptoms or very mild illness only. The new variant appears to affect all ages and, as yet, we are not seeing any greater severity amongst children and young people.”

President Viner even had witnesses to support his statement:

Dr Ronny Cheung, Consultant Paediatrician, Evelina Children’s Hospital, London, said: “I’ve been the on-call consultant in a London children’s hospital this week. COVID is rife in hospitals, but not among children – and that is corroborated by my colleagues across London.”

Similarly, Dr Damian Roland, Consultant Paediatrician, University Hospitals of Leicester, said: “I think it’s important all in child health make absolutely clear we are not seeing a nationwide wave of COVID-19 induced illness in children.”

The Pfizer vaccine is not safe for children

According to the NEU press release, they state that the “MHRA have concluded that the Pfizer vaccine is safe for 12-to-15-year-olds. And we know that 90% of parents are in favour of vaccinating their children against coronavirus.”

It appears as though the NEU are completely oblivious or are choosing to ignore the dangers the Pfizer vaccine poses to children.

They seemed to ignore the fact the 86% of children suffered an adverse reaction to the Pfizer jab in a clinical trial. The trials were carried out by Pfizer on children aged 12-15, where 1,127 children were given one dose, whilst only 1,097 children were given a second shot.

Of the 1,127 children who received a first dose of the jab, 86% experienced an adverse reaction, whilst of the 1,097 children who received a second Pfizer shot, 78.9% experienced an adverse event.

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) fact sheet shows that 20.3% of the 1,127 children who received just one dose experienced fever, whilst 39.3% of the 1,097 children who had a second shot experienced fever. Additionally, another 60.1% of those who had just one dose experienced fatigue, compared to 66% who experienced fatigue after a second dose.

2.8% of children who had just one dose of the jab experienced vomiting, whilst 2.6% who had a second jab experienced vomiting. Additionally, of the 1,127 children who received the first dose, 8.0% suffered from diarrhoea. Of the 1,097 children who received a second dose, 5.9% experienced diarrhoea.

The FDA document also states that 0.04% of children involved in the trials experienced an extremely serious adverse reaction, although it is not stated what type of reactions occurred.

The Pfizer vaccine has killed children

Not only has the Pfizer vaccine caused adverse reactions ranging from mild to serious in children who receive it, but the jab has also killed countless children in countries where it is being rolled out to this demographic.

Tragically, a two-year-old girl died after receiving the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, which was reported to the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

The report shows that the girl, who was from Virginia, received a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on the 25th February 2021, however, just four days later on the 1st March, the two-year-old was admitted to the hospital as she became unwell.

Tragically, just two days after being admitted to hospital, on the 3rd March, the girl died. The VAERS report states that the toddler had no birth defects, no permanent disability, no other life-threatening conditions, and no underlying health conditions. At the time of this report, the Pfizer vaccine was not authorised for use in children, therefore it is fair to assume that the girl was part of a clinical trial.

This is not the only case where a child has died from the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. A 13-year-old boy died just three days after receiving his second dose of the jab at a Walgreens in Zilwaukee, Michigan.

Jacob Clynick, who was described as healthy and had no underlying health conditions, received his second dose on June 13th and began experiencing “normal” side effects including fever and fatigue.

Jacob Clynick, 13, had no underlying health conditions and was reportedly a healthy boy.

However, just three days later on June 15th, Jacob began complaining of stomach ache and went to bed, where he tragically died in his sleep. According to his initial autopsy results, his heart was enlarged and there was some fluid surrounding it.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have since admitted that there is a “likely link” between cases of heart inflammation – known as myocarditis – in children and adolescents, and the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. Following this announcement, the CDC added a heart inflammation warning to the Pfizer and Moderna jabs, stating that they should monitor their children – especially young boys – in the week after they receive a dose of either vaccine.

Leave children alone

Whilst the MHRA has stated that the Pfizer vaccine is safe for children, they dangerously ignore the harm that the jab has already caused to children and the deaths which could have been avoided if young people were not subjected to this experimental gene therapy.

Children do not need to be included in the UK’s flu vaccination programme, nor do they need to be vaccinated against Covid-19. They simply need to be left alone and allowed to be kids: their immune systems are growing and developing, and as we have all experienced as a child, it’s normal to catch a cold and suffer a snotty nose during flu season.

Considering the damage that has been caused already by the vaccine rollout in the UK, with over 1,082,942 adverse reactions reported to the UK’s Yellow Card Reporting System as of the 14th July 2021, it would be criminal to allow children to be included in this terrifyingly high figure, which only continues to increase.

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