Who Funds the 'FACT-CHECKERS'? 'Full-Fact' gets over £2 millon pa.from Social Media Platforms

Full fact, one of the largest and best known of the myriad of 'Fact-Checker; organisations that have sprung up in recent times to question the voracity and reliability of anyone who contradicts the official narrative on matters relating to the Scamdemic and Covid-19.

In their own words, Full-Fact describe themselves as "a team of independent fact checkers and campaigners who find, expose and counter the harm it does".

The term 'Independent' needs to be looked at in some detail, as it appears that Full Fact are anything but 'Independent', receiving a significant proportion of their £2million p.a. funding from several mainstream social media platforms, including FACEBOOK and GOOGLE.

'Full-Fact' declared funding from the following organisations and individuals:

In excess of £2,132.000 is paid to Full Fact to 'expose untruths'.

Clearly, as Full-Fact are directly funded by organisations wishing to block, undermine and ridicule contradictory narrative and alternate points of view, and are guilty of hypocrisy, disingenuous defamation and character assassination on a monumental scale to serve their paymasters, there is no way that their claims of impartiality can be assumed to be either accurate or honest.

Full-Fact exist to defeat contradictory narrative and to subvert truths by deliberately misinforming their readership and the public.

Frequently they fail to rebut a 'genuine fact', but instead, conflating the subject matter with another topic that can be easily disproved.

Full Fact are the pernicious face of authoritarian tyranny serving their financial masters, not the truth.

Links to the organisation listed above are given below

Facebook £325,224.43

Researching the challenges of online fact checking and support for our work on a framework for collaboration during misinformation crises

Facebook £258,759

Third Party Fact Checking programme

Luminate £383,082.48

Core funding

Hundreds of individual donors and gift aid £369,505.52

Core funding

Mohn Westlake Foundation £250,000

Core funding

Google AI for Good Impact Challenge £117,140.54

Automated fact checking

Google News Initiative £115,669.68

Covid-19 fact checking

Google Digital News Initiative £13,112

Third Generation Fact Checking

Nuffield Foundation £100,000

Fact checking and annual report

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation £90,000

Core funding

Garfield Weston Foundation £30,000

Core funding

International Fact Checking Network £18,643.03

Fact Checking Development Grant

WhatsApp £18,193

WhatsApp fact checking service

Gill Family Foundation £14,000

Core funding

Nesta Democracy Pioneers fund £10,000

Core funding

William de Winton £10,000

Core funding

The Buchanan Programme £8,720

Core funding

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