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Where this all could end

We have maybe one or two years to prevent the total takeover of our lives


IMAGINE a global communist dictatorship, immovable and ruthless in its authority and expectation of compliance from all citizens; enabled by a super-fast internet-of-everything to surveil and restrict your every movement from control of energy to your home and car, and cameras on every main road where there is no longer much traffic due to the total world economic collapse after the insane, raving mad 2020s.

I could go on describing it, but we have all seen enough dystopian films and know of the history of many tyrants to know this world will not be pleasant or free for the vast majority of mankind, unable to exist without the universal income credits in our central bank blockchain wallet, and those only gained through total compliance with every edict, for ever, for all of us.

It is still shocking how many people still scoff, snort or reject what is described here as ‘conspiracy theory’ - exactly as they have been trained to do - but let us look at what might be needed for those who own and control almost everything to achieve their psychopathic aims:

  • A population reliant on the authority of government, military, police, banks, corporations, education, health-care and the legal system which they completely dominate and direct.

  • Most still watching the six o’clock news, believing it is impartial and doing its best to properly inform them about the important events of the world. Here again, the trust in the authority of the suits on the telescreen is a big advantage in behavioural manipulation, or propaganda, as people will act on their beliefs: if they believe there is a deadly contagious disease they can catch because they are repeatedly told so, they are going to act accordingly, and let governments do pretty much what they want while they cower and wait to be told it is safe.

  • The continued digitisation of most areas of people’s lives - from communication, socialising and entertainment to finance, education, work, plus shopping, government services and nearly all information.

  • Everyone carrying a personal surveillance device at all times which can watch and listen in at any time.

  • Censorship of all voices that go against the narrative and discrimination against those who don’t comply.

  • Laws in place which outlaw protest, allow state assassinations, allow forced medical intervention and detention, legalise total citizen surveillance plus secret courts for ‘terrorism’ and many other abnegations of peaceful, natural law.

  • A banking and monetary system that most do not understand, but enriches the rulers more every second, as your earnings and assets are siphoned off in the name of ‘the greater good’.

  • A multi-decade indoctrination of higher education institutions, thus influencing many of those in senior positions across all sectors to believe in the moral right of the state to keep ruling people’s lives and expanding its power indefinitely.

  • Total control over all mass media, all main social media, all radio, press and outdoor advertising.

  • The ability to influence all national governments’ policies at once.

We are but a few short steps from the completion of their plans. One day you will be free to go anywhere; the next you will be geo-restricted, social credit-scored, and made to comply to get the privileges which were previously available to all whenever they so chose.

This is not hyperbole or fantasy - one read of the literature of the World Economic Forum, the UN, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Rockefeller Foundation shows any serious mind what is really going on, and the very reason there seems to be so much chaos, confusion and fear right now.

They are manipulating perception and psychologically conditioning people to become slaves - hence the masks.

Many are going along with much of this under the illusion it will ‘save the Earth’ - having an advanced civilisation is a danger and we are going to end life if we carry on going on holiday or opening businesses that provide useful products and services to each other. All part of the manipulation of course.

Libraries of books have and could be written on any aspect of this, but perhaps we should focus right now on the one thing that unites every single man, woman and child that does not belong to what George Carlin famously called the ‘Big Club’ - those who own everything and make all the important decisions: the preservation of freedom through the rejection of all current government (and therefore worldwide) policies and campaigns to get us to accept the increasing removal of our freedoms in the name of some greater noble cause.

No one wants to be restricted to the one city where they live. Nor have their employment, leisure, association, speech, belief or anything else restricted if it does not cause harm, injury or loss to another (Natural Law).

The state has simply become too big, but it is the corporations, huge banks and world NGOs that ultimately give the orders, carried out through technocratic control and ‘philanthropists’ funding mass messaging.

This is not democracy, because one small group of people makes all the decisions for everyone, and they will not be particularly generous when it comes to doling out the basic necessities, knowing it will help keep us down forever.

The gate is closing fast - we have maybe one or two years before an economic collapse is engineered and we get a ‘great reset’ where the Central Bank Digital Currency - a blockchain ledger everyone will have an account on - becomes what most think of as money, and it will mean the end of privacy and independent decision-making for everyone forced to use it. This simply cannot be allowed to happen.

We can reject the digital and artificial in favour of the natural and traditional. Moving our lives online is fraught with danger - there is nothing wrong with being connected to people and being able to shop for anything at any time, but if our entire lives are lived through the screen then those who own the pipes and platforms will have ultimate control over us.

We can choose to use cash, shop locally in person, save outside of the banking system, educate our own children and all work together to help and encourage each other to live better and more useful, fulfilling lives. And there are millions of us.

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