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What the HELL is going on? - Part 1, and when will people wake up to the conspiracy?


Every single major narrative that dominates this moment in history is leading us to the same end goal, the introduction of a digital ID.

Yet we’re supposed to believe that none of these events are connected.

  • A global pandemic requires everyone’s Vaccination status to be recorded through a Digital ID.

  • Climate change requires the introduction of a Digital ID to record everyone’s carbon score.

  • We’re told internet anonymity must end so everyone must login using a Digital ID to protect children.

  • We’re told the Russia / Ukraine War will result in food rationing via the Digital ID.

  • We’re told that our money must become 100% digital therefore requiring a Digital ID.

  • We’re told that future refugees fleeing everything from war to climate change must have a Digital ID.

  • The justifications change but the end point is the same. The Digital ID, which is the end of all human freedom and total control over our lives and spending habits.

We are heading towards an Orwellian style totalitarian dictatorship that even George Orwell's nightmare 1984 book could never have envisaged in its severity and disasterous implications for the lives of 'the people'.

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