We The People

We The People, wish to confirm that that it is no longer acceptable, to suffer at the hands of the state.

Our founding fathers created various documents (Magna Carta etc.), which were meant to protect us, but the state refuse to comply with them.

Therefore, We the People have created our own founding declaration. This will stand alongside the above documents.

As this is the first such document to be created by the people, for the people, we believe that it is superior.


Index of this Newsletter:

  • Declaration of the Common Law Court.

  • Mentally Competent?

  • The launch of the ‘Cruinn.’

  • CLC Clinics.

  • Our First Common Law Court Advocates Appointed.

  • CLC Passports, Insurance & Number Plates

1: Declaration of the Common Law Court -3rd January 2019

To all living men and women, we hereby stand united and submit this declaration to the Common Law Court ‘Book of Deeds’ for preservation for all time.

We the people have inherent birth rights, established by our creator, which protect us from harm, loss and injury from others. For many years now, men and women have been subjected to criminal and fraudulent behaviour by the state’s actions which have been imposed upon us, against our will, by both criminal coercion and legal deception. Fear and fiction have thus combined to bind us into slavery.

The state has committed attacks, injustices, killings, robberies, theft, unlawful imprisonment and countless other enormous outrages against the people, sparing no one on account of age, sex or position. To this robbery, slaughter and plunder they give the lying name of “Government”, they have stripped us of our ancient freedoms and call it “progress”.

We, the people, can no longer endure such assaults on our loved ones and personal freedoms and hereby confirm our inherent right to stand under the jurisdiction of the Common Law. Based, as it is, on the timeless laws which govern the conduct of men and were established by our creator in days of old and remembered and loved by our fathers as they built our nations. We will hold to this without ceasing for any man.

Borrowing from the declaration of our ancestors, made in Arbroath in 1320, we declare that, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under mandatory rule by legal statute. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

This declaration is signed below by a sample of the men and women who stand united under the jurisdiction of the Common Law Court. This declaration is hereby recorded in to the Common Law Court ‘Book of Deeds’ on the 3rd January 2019 for preservation for all time. https://clc-education.uk/

2: Mentally Competent?

In the event of a court hearing, any individual (judge) appointed to deal with this may only do so if 'they' are mentally stable.

This individual would need to be of sound mind, and they would also be required to recognise the position of a living man appearing before them, as failure to do so would render them incompetent to deal with this issue. This individual may not use criminal coercion to assist them, and they should not be able to converse with a dead entity (also known as a person) as to do so would also render them mentally unstable and not fit to deal with this issue.

Branded a Freeman on the Land (FMOTL)

Instead of accepting our positions as living men and women, the Scottish Courts are having to rely on an obscure case to try and defend their position (Meads v Meads, in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, 2012 ABQB 571). They Should Note: A freeman on the land stands completely outside of society and does not engage with it, in any way, shape or form.

In relation to our standing, we engage daily with the statutory system, but do so with like-minded people who stand under the authority and jurisdiction of the Common Law Court, they have all confirmed their positions as living men and women.

Accordingly, while ‘we the people’ live under common law, we do engage with the state, by using our legal entity/fictitious name, which we own and on our terms. We suggest they take some lawful advice.

3: CLC Currency Launch

The ‘Cruinn’

Welcome to our new monetary system, a system for the people, backed, secured and will assist in the development and setup of our common law communities.

Our intention is to create and fund our own common law communities. Funding will be used to assist with the purchase and/or rental of appropriate properties for the above categories.


4: CLC Clinics Healthcare for Living men & women

With the creation our own currency, we can now fund our own clinics. You now have a choice and are no longer bound by the state.

We currently have various health professionals who are willing to work under common law and will be manning our clinics.

These clinics will be providing free healthcare for all living men and women who have submitted their declaration of birth to the Common Law Court. https://clc.healthcare/

5: Our First CLC Advocates

Welcome to the new year, we wish to announce that January saw our first CLC Advocates training course, and our first seventeen trained Advocates appointed. Our one-week course put the trainees through their paces and saw a wide range of applicants coming from throughout the UK, Norway, Spain and the USA.

During the course it was apparent that throughout the world, the statutory judicial system is in crisis. Statutory courts no longer exist as we are aware that they are now businesses run for profit, they no longer provide a lawful remedy, and they are not fit for purpose.

Our Advocates were trained in all aspects of the Common Law Court system and received instruc- tion on how to convene their own courts. The training then escalated when we had fun tackling our response to the statutory authorities and courts. The Advocates were given instruction to ensure that they are now well prepared to hold their own, we look forward to seeing how the system copes with them.

Additional issues covered, addressed all aspects of the CLC process and the way forward for the future. This will include a new monetary system, for living men and women, our own healthcare system, our own educational system, our own media channel, our CLC Constables and the further development of our CLC Courts.

Finally, given the interest in the Advocates course we will be issuing the dates for our next course soon.

6: Coming Soon

Common Law Court Diplomats, Passports, Insurance and Number Plates.

Gone are the days when the state refuse to answer to the people.

The Common Law Court and a jury of reasonably minded men and women have issued a recent court order to confirm the setup of a common law diplomatic service for living men and women.


‘We the People’ have now appointed our own Diplomats who will engage with the state, on behalf of the people, when required to do so. It is our intention to appoint CLC Diplomats Internationally to protect the people, in each of the countries who have joined us.


In addition to the creation of our CLC Diplomats we have also created our own CLC Passports which will help to confirm the standing of living men and women in addition to assisting with travel.


In relation to the issue of driving/travelling, the Common Law Court will also be launching an insurance scheme which will be available under common law, for living men and women. This cover will be applicable to the individual and will be available for anyone that has confirmed their standing with their declaration of birth at the Common Law Court.

Number plates

Finally, the Common Law Court will also be issuing their own number plates to confirm the right to travel under common law. Number plates will only be available to living men and women who have also declared their birth with the Common Law Court.

The fact that the state are still able to remove your car is due to the fact that it still has a number plate which is owned by them.

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