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The Reclaim Party

Laurence Fox set up the Reclaim Party in October 2020 after appearing on BBC Question Time in January that year. For challenging the woke orthodoxy of “white privilege” and “systemic racism” he was cancelled from a 21-year acting career.

This experience changed Laurence’s life overnight – and now he is dedicating his life to protect others from being prevented from contributing to the national debate. Laurence not only realised freedom of speech was under grave peril: it became clear our media hates our country and culture, and we’ve been betrayed by careerist, so called liberal politicians

Reclaim’s Mission

The Conservatives are no longer conservative or governing for all. The Labour Party is not fit to be in Opposition. We need a new way of doing things. Reclaim intends to change freedom of speech laws and to depoliticise the police and other public institutions.

Reclaim stands for patriotism and believes hard work should be rewarded. We believe in protecting our borders, supporting forgotten working class communities and, above all, true equality for all Britons - rather than dividing us into narrow, protected groups. We will field candidates at the next General Election – both to directly take seats and to actively target and unseat MPs who’ve sold Britain down the river.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is fundamental to a free society. No idea, philosophy, ideology, religion or political opinion should be protected. The implications of climate change policies must be openly debated. All public bodies, agencies, universities and those in receipt of public funding will have a legal obligation to protect free speech.


A nation is not a nation without control of its borders and the ability to make its own laws. We will end illegal immigration and stop the scourge of human trafficking. We believe in the national interest and our heritage. The UK should build alliances to counter anti-western forces.

A Dynamic Economy

Economic prosperity lifts people out of poverty. We would create incentives for savers and entrepreneurs. Net zero climate policies punish the poorest in society. We would zero rate VAT on domestic fuel. Public sector investment must be targeted to those areas most in need and should not be driven by short-term political imperatives.

The Power of the State

The State is in service to the people. In the public sector, this means the primacy of pupils and patients. The purpose of government is to facilitate freedom, not to restrict it. Reducing the size of the state means lower taxes and public sector reform.

Rule of Law

We must be free to think, speak and act up to the point where the law places a specific restriction. The law must be applied equally and without fear or favour.


We believe in equality and respect for all, irrespective of ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. Belief in equality requires the depoliticisation of national institutions (Police, Civil Service, the National Trust etc.).

Check out the Reclaim Party Website and register for updates

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