Vital Questions about the Covid Scam that a Skeptic Must Ask

1. If Asymptomatic spread exists - Why has it not been shown in the evidence?

2. If the PCR test works - Why the mass false positives?

3. If the mask works -Why the six feet?

4. If the six feet works - Why the masks?

5. If all three works - Why the social distancing?

6. If all four works - Why the Lockdowns?

7. If all five works - Why the vaccination?

8. If the vaccination works - Why do people care if I get it or not? (They can't get sick if it works)

9. If the vaccination is safe - Why no liability clause from Big Pharma?

10. If the PCR test works - Why did Kary Banks Mullis (PCR inventor) say "PCR can NOT be used to determine if someone is positive or negative in ANY virus"

11. If Kary Mullis was not a threat to their agenda - Why did he die in unexplained circumstances just a few months before anyone ever heard of Covid-19?

12. If Cornavirus exists and is not a re-labeled flu strain - Why has it NOT been isolated, according to the CDC?

13. If there is no agenda - Why is the media, governments, Gates and other elite oligarchs trying desperately to inject the entire world with an "EXPERIMENTAL DRUG" ????

14. If all 13 are fraudulent conspiracy - Why the unprecedented, largest coordinated mass censorship campaign in human History???

Connect the Dots ... Covid + vaccination + passport = Tyranny

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