Vaccine Passports Could Be Extended To More Places "According To The Public Health Need"

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has confirmed that use of vaccine certification could extend beyond nightclubs and sporting events "according to the public health need".

Speaking on Sky News this morning, Dowden said his approach to vaccine passports is that if it is needed “to protect public health” he will support introducing and enforcing them.

He said that “Covid-19 certification is coming to enable people to attend sports events and go to theatre performances", but in the same breath denied that COVID passports are being introduced.

My overall approach to certification – and that of the Prime Minister’s and rest of the government – is that we want as few restrictions for as short a period as possible,” Dowden told Sky News. “But if we need them to protect public health, we will,” he added.

We will be bringing in certification for nightclubs towards the end of the month. We continue to engage with other sporting and culture venues, for example most Premier League matches you go to will have some kind of certification already."

Dowden asserted that the certificates “won’t be a vaccine passport”, yet defined them as “a way to facilitate proving” that people have had vaccines, in order to get “more people get into stadiums,” which he described as “vital not just for our sense of national well-being, but to the whole national economy.”

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