UK Medical Freedom Alliance

Happy New Year - January 2022

Welcome to this UK Medical Freedom Alliance update.

As we go into 2022, we wanted to update you on our work to date and to thank you for your continued support.

If you have any family and/or friends who might benefit from the information we are providing, please ask them to subscribe to our updates at and to follow us on social media.

Unfortunately, the UKMFA Facebook page is currently on its third 30-day ban and we suspect that we may soon lose it completely - please follow us on Twitter to receive our latest updates.

We also recommend that you follow the weekly Vaccine Safety Update compiled by a group of medical doctors and published by The Daily Sceptic.

We are grateful for your ongoing support - if you wish to support us by providing a donation, you can do so via our website at this link.

Best wishes UK Medical Freedom Alliance

Key Resources

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance website is a useful resource of bespoke information compiled by medical professionals, scientists and lawyers.

Employee Vaccine Mandates

Links to resources to support care workers, NHS workers, healthcare workers and other employees facing vaccine mandates.

Vaccine Exemptions Legal Summary

An information sheet outlining the legalities of obtaining clinical/medical exemption for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Early Covid-19 Treatment Guidelines

A comprehensive, evidence-based guide to managing Covid-19 illness effectively at home from the World Council for Health.

Open Letters

Please share the following open letters with your own MP's, public health officials and employers.

Letter before action pertaining to misfeasance

Template letter to send to public office holders who enforce face mask mandates on children in schools.

Notice of legal obligations and potential liabilities

Open letter to MP's, MSP's and MS's to put them on notice as to their duties as a public office holder.

Open letter to employers requiring Covid-19 testing

Letter to employers who are requiring healthy employees to perform regular testing for Covid-19.

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