UK Government release 31st report on Adverse Reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines

The U.K. Governments report (which you can find here) has collated data inputted up to the 25th August via the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.

The number of reported adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine has increased to 309,612 as of the 25th August. The AstraZeneca jab has fared much worse though, with the total number of adverse reactions now standing at 819,007. There have also been 46,244 adverse reactions to the Moderna jab of which 2.2 million doses have been administered, and 3,226 adverse reactions reported where the brand of vaccine was not specified

According to the MHRA the current rate of people suffering a serious adverse reaction after having one of the experimental Covid vaccines stands at 1 in every 142 people, with 1,178,089 adverse reactions having now been reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme.

However, as of the 25th August 47.8 million people had allegedly received at least one dose of a Covid-19 injection in the UK, therefore an adverse reaction has been suffered for every 40 people who have been vaccinated.

But it’s important to remember that this rate only accounts for the adverse reactions that are actually reported, which is estimated to be a maximum of between 1 and 10% by the MHRA themselves, meaning the actual rate of adverse reactions occurring is frighteningly higher.

Denmark’s top health official Tanja Erichsen, the head of Denmark’s Medicines Agency, was witnessed collapsing as announcements were being made on the nation’s plan to halt the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.fainted during a press conference on the coronavirus this week

The decision to pull the vaccine was made after two people in Denmark experienced blood clots, including a 60-year-old woman who later died. Although statistics show such complications are extremely rare given that millions have received the vaccine without issue, some countries have opted to halt its use.

The overall number of deaths due to all three jabs now stands at 1,612 when including the 28 deaths that have been reported where the brand of vaccine was not specified.

None of the “vaccines” are proving to be safe and the data clearly shows they are having grave consequences for the younger adults and children that receive them and that the roll-out of these experimental injections (which do not work and make the recipient worse according to Public Health data) must be ceased immediately.

Adverse Reactions and Fatalities

Adverse Reactions and Fatalities

Adverse Reactions and Fatalities

Adverse Reactions and Fatalities - Unspecified Vaccine Type:

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