UK GOV & POLICE Using Face Recognition/Identification to control its citizens

Notices displayed by the Metropolitan police notify the public of the use of facial recognition cameras around Whitehall

So I was in central London walked pass this van, yes it’s official they scanning our faces, slowly getting ready for social credit system. Say no to these dystopian technology!!!!

“If Automatic Facial Recognition is rolled out nationally, it will change radically the way that Britain is policed … Connected to a database with the right information, AFR could be used to identify very large numbers of people in a given place at a given time – for example, those present at a protest that the police are monitoring.”

“Given the proliferation of databases operated by the police and other public authorities, the exponential increase in information held by public bodies and the ever increasing practice of sharing that information between public bodies, it is not difficult to imagine that police forces nationally could soon – if they cannot already - have access to photographs of the vast majority of the population.”

I Picked up this leaflet outside the van, bunch of kind people making awareness. The uk government changing the value and democracy of United Kingdom.

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