It is getting too frightening to want to follow; the clearest indication yet of VAIDS.

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May the charts for the Power and Wealth of the Vaccine Stakeholders mimic the negatively plunging Data Charts for the Immune Systems of the "Vaccinated" against Covid19.

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May the Vaccine Stakeholders be the ones that are eventually held; custody and on trial.

So who are the Vaccine Stakeholders ?

Vaccine Stakeholders are those that have enjoyed enourmous Boosts in Profits and/or Power from promoting the use of Covid19 vaccines and by obstructing or concealing the availability of more effective prophylactic and early treatment options.

Stakeholders are also responsible for misrepresenting the risk to the general public when the risk is highly stratified to the elderly and those with significant chronic co-morbidities; stratified risk that would all but be eliminated, but for the obstruction of medications by these vaccine stakeholders.

Stakeholders include:

  • Main Stream Media (Commercial Cousins to Big Pharma with Joint Owners)

  • Big Tech Social Media (Commercial Cousins to Big Pharma with Joint Owners)

  • Big Tech Seach Engines (Commercial Cousins to Big Pharma with Joint Owners)

  • Western "Democracy" Politicians

  • Obscenely Wealthy Individuals (holding and creating shares that profit from Covid19)

  • The Obscenely Powerful Investment Groups (holding and creating shares that profit from Covid19)

  • Vaccine Investors

  • Vaccine Advocates (Including Government Advisory Groups)

  • Bill Gates

  • Private Hospitals

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

These Stakeholders will now claim that if you survived COVID it will be because of their Vaccines; a laughable proposition given data emerging and given the order of magnitude of higher survival prospects for the risk stratified when they do access the medications being blocked and concealed by these “STAKEHOLDERS”

See peer reviewed treatments the Stakeholders are doing everything they can to obstruct and conceal

See what happens if you share this on your facebook or on youtube or twitter See what happens when you try to get your local "news" radio or "news" reporter to share what this data is screaming out.... See what happens when you ask your local politician to act on this

So ... Bypass them all and share it to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.

Please share, share , share

Note: It looks like the Vaccinated will need access to unblocked immune system supplements more than the Unvaccinated


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