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Truth is treason in an Empire of Lies


THE rulers have built a world of fiction and fantasy, and want to make anyone who points this out a criminal.

It is almost as if politicians have never lied; media have never covered up the truth; and corporations have never polluted, harmed or defrauded anybody before.

No one is allowed to pierce the narrative of the show, even such an often badly-made one, because pointing it out ends the façade, like the classic story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

This is the ultimate expression of totalitarian control – over people’s thoughts, ideas, concepts and in the end, our minds.

In Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, The Party wanted to eliminate any potential for rebellion by making it literally unthinkable. Not only are those who really rule via the criminal banking system actually attempting this, with laws which will outlaw speech critical of government and corporate policy, but they use as many divide-and-rule topics as possible to drive a wedge between people on their emotive subjects, while we all should be punching upwards at the real causes of division, injustice and vast inequality across the world.

The Light paper is still a shining beacon of truth in this empire of darkness, deception and division, and that we poke holes in the fabricated stories and distorted versions of reality presented to the general public en masse through what is now a unified media propaganda machine. Not a single one of the newspapers or broadcast news outlets have questioned in any depth what the government, and those giving them their orders, are doing to the population. All dissenting voices are censored regardless of qualification.

Today, this has accelerated to a point where people’s minds have been taken, and they have been all but turned into nodding robot dogs. It is almost as if politicians have never lied; media have never covered up the truth; and corporations have never polluted, harmed or defrauded anybody before.

How the population willingly accepts a trial injection of an unknown substance by a corporation that received the biggest fine for negligence in U.S. history, $2.3 billion, is a thing of psychologically-controlling awe. People are gold-fished into trusting what comes out of the screen as authoritative information, even though it constantly contradicts previous advice, and is provably nothing but behavioural psychological manipulation, in order to get people to think and behave exactly as they want.

It should not be hard to imagine the end result of this lemming-like, collectivist herd mentality, if people continue to give their rights and thoughts over to a clearly criminal ruling cabal. Nietzsche’s famous quote is apt here: “Madness is rare in individuals - but in groups, parties, nations, and ages, it is the rule.”

For those in power, it is crucial to maintain the façade at all costs, and to this end, vast armies of online and offline agents are employed by both the state using your taxes, and corporations using your spending, with instructions to attack and smear everyone and anything daring to go against the prevailing narrative; who ask questions; and who refuse to comply.

This is usually by gross exaggeration, misrepresentation and false association - painting us as being on the ‘wrong’ side of as many ‘debates’ as possible - the black or white logical fallacy that George Bush Jr. used so well: “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists” - as they bombed countries to smithereens.

Therefore, despite all being ordinary people of diverse backgrounds, different ages and of different geography, The Light will often be tainted as right-wing Nazi extremist, homophobic, antisemitic, Islamophobic, misogynistic climate deniers – the same names called to most who try to expose some or other aspect of the fantasy world created through the ubiquitous and incessant information and nudges transmitted through screens of various sizes directly into people’s minds.

The strength of the grip they have over people’s psyches is evidenced by people taking the politicians’ and media’s word over their own close friends’ and family’s, and even their own research and thoughts.

Those in power have everything to gain by maintaining their positions and lying through their teeth to people. However, the people who create and distribute The Light have nothing to gain, except the satisfaction of sharing truth.

Almost everyone involved is voluntary, and our only aim is to alert enough people as to what the rulers’ plans are, and therefore stop them: once enough people know, the game is over. How long would all those CCTV surveillance cameras, smart street lights, and other digital prison infrastructure last once the football fans figure it out?

Of course, we can be bundled up and dismissed in one fell swoop as a ‘conspiracy theory’ paper, the ultimate easy trope of those who actually conspire to defraud and control the world. The point about most ‘theories’ on what the government and corporations are doing is that they are more often than not correct, so as a news organisation it is a badge of honour to be called correct on our reporting and opinions.

The truth is elusive, and seemingly quite dangerous these days. We have no doubts that malicious and fallacious attacks on this paper and others shining light will continue, by those whose job it is to protect the rulers and help them achieve their ultimate aims of total control of mankind. We stand firm in the truth we print. archive

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