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Truckers roll across Canada for another night, en route to Ottawa.

Something HUGE is coming.

Absolutely MASSIVE freedom convoy of truckers set to descend on Ottawa as they oppose the tyrannical rule and mandates of Justin Trudeau

Amazing night aerial view of the city and car lights with the sound of nonstop honking for the freedom convoy in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada filmed at 11h pm last night. Thousands of people from all over the country have gathered in the capital city for a mega protest this weekend.

Stunning drone video of massive convoy of truckers gathered on Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill today at 5h pm for ongoing protest dubbed "freedom convoy" in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

January 28, 2022, Ottawa: Drone view of freedom convoy truck rally at Parliament of Canada

Ontario has shut off 90% of the traffic cams at least to the public, so you can’t see the 50 mile long convoy en route to Ottawa coming from east coast and west coast!

More freedom convoy videos:

Canadian Freedom Convoy - Jacquelyn Rose performs a Parody of the Jerry Reid song "East Bound and Down" in support of the Freedom Convoy 2022. Please share the video and support the Convoy to Ottawa. Freedom Convoy 2022 GoFundMe: $7,436,490 raised 2:45pm January 28, 2022 #Freedomconvoy#jointhemovementtofreedomcanada#truckerconvoy#jacquelynrose#irnieracingnews#canadafree#freecanada#worldfreedom#worldrevolution#canada revolution World Wide Rally For Freedom #IrnieracingNews Series: "Can Never Be Too Safe" Mockumentary - 12:15 PM Kelowna Rally Intro - Pt.1 LIVE STREAM - Pt.2 LIVE STREAM - Pt.3 LIVE STREAM - Pt.4 LIVE STREAM -

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