#Together campaign; backed by Doctors and NHS Staff, launched in opposition to Vax Passports and DiD

A campaign to reject vaccine passports, digital ID and other forms of medical certification has been launched in the United Kingdom with many prominent voices across the freedom movement coming together to defend the hard-won rights and freedoms of British citizens that are now being threatened.


In a press release sent to The Expose the #Together campaign stated that they believe ‘the consequences of a panicked response and rushed legislation can be worse than the virus itself’, and are campaigning for a return back to normal after 18 months of fighting the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

In a declaration written by the Together campaign they have set out their thoughts about why vaccine passports and digital ID are unnecessary, and described the possible impacts it could have upon the lives and livelihoods of the people of the United Kingdom.

Over 200 groups, institutions and individuals have signed the declaration so far and the Together campaign is now encouraging the British public to also sign the declaration and support the campaign.

The Together Declaration reads as follows –

We the undersigned reject vaccine passports or any similar form of medical certification in the United Kingdom and invite you to add your voice to ours by signing this open letter.

We represent over 100 organisations, business groups, campaigners and professionals who have come together because we are gravely concerned about the prospect of vaccine passports in the United Kingdom.

In this country we enjoy many hard-won liberties and rights, all fought for and defended by our ancestors. These rights are not only fundamental to our understanding of democracy, they are rights we believe all humans deserve to have.

Some of us have been lucky enough to have these rights since birth, but others just like us have experienced the perils of segregation, suppression and surveillance first hand. It is a reality each of us would give anything to avoid.

However with vaccine passports in the picture and digital IDs under consideration, some of these hard-won rights are under threat.

This country has stood together and made incredible sacrifices throughout the Covid-19 crisis. What began with ‘Three weeks to flatten the curve’ turned into months of isolation with millions missing out on medical treatment, children deprived of education, businesses and livelihoods lost, families unable to visit elderly loved ones, and weddings, funerals and social gatherings restricted or cancelled.

The glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel – ‘15 million jabs to freedom’ to protect the most vulnerable- soon faded as the goalposts moved once again. When ‘Freedom Day’ finally arrived the announcement of vaccine passports meant that the prospect of returning to ‘normal’ once again slipped away.

We are human. We know this makes us seek safety over and above everything else. We seek it for ourselves, we seek to protect those we love, and we strive for a safe world for our children. Sometimes rules and restrictions can help us to feel safe, but we also know life is about balance and catching ourselves when we go too far into acting from fear.

The requirement to produce medical certifications at pubs, clubs, theatres, on public transport, at schools, universities, or anywhere else is unwarranted and risks deepening the inequalities already present within society.

We can already see from where these have been introduced elsewhere that they have led to perils a free society would wish to avoid – segregation, suppression and surveillance – being unable to dine together, long queues to enter venues, children unable to take exams or socialise together and the nightmare scenario of being denied access to healthcare.

Today it could be a covid passport to enter a pub, but what could it be tomorrow?

We want a free, fair and open society for ourselves, our friends and our families. We want to eat, work, dance, and pray together. We want our children to be able to play, learn and grow together.

This is the point where we must catch ourselves – where we recognise we are going too far by requiring medical certification to participate in normal life.

Now, it is our turn to protect the freedoms our ancestors sacrificed so much to protect – for ourselves, for our children and for our communities.

If you believe that now is the time to work together to help keep each other safe whilst also protecting the most important parts of democracy and normal life, then this is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

Please join us by signing below and let’s send the message of No Vaccine Passports Anywhere.

We can change this. Together.

You can sign the declaration here.

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