Time to blow the whistle on sudden sporting deaths

Updated: Mar 8

We need to get to the heart of why so many super-fit athletes are collapsing


AS highly discriminatory ‘vaccine passports’ are preventing many football fans from watching elite sport, a hat trick of former Premier League stars are pointing out the elephant in the room.

With tragic irony, as the government and the football authorities continue to preach the line that the ‘covid vaccine’ keeps players and spectators alike safe, the astonishing rise of super-fit footballers being taken ill on the pitch has prompted Matt Le Tissier, Trevor Sinclair and Kevin Gage to call for an official investigation into possible vaccine adverse reactions.

Supporters, still reeling from being kept out of most major football grounds for a full season as part of the regime’s lockdown measures, have now been told they must prove they are ‘fully vaccinated’ or produce a negative test result to gain entry into stadia holding at least 10,000 spectators.

Yet the issue of vaccination is far from a done deal among the players, a significant minority of whom have so far decided not to be jabbed and instead take the 99.9 per cent plus chance that they will not become seriously ill.

Perhaps the loophole of a negative test is designed to prevent the embarrassment of obscenely-paid superstar footballers joining the fans on the scrapheap?

Their laughably described ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is unlikely to be eased with reports regularly flooding in of events that pre-vaccine were rarer than England tournament victories.

Even before there was time to put disgraced Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement into action just before Christmas, Manchester United star Victor Lindelof - vaccinated or otherwise - suffered breathing difficulties during a televised Premier League clash at Norwich City.

With the silence of the football authorities and the vast majority of the pundits still deafening, Le Tissier tweeted: “Amazing that another footballer comes off complaining about his heart and yet the media refuse to mention even the slightest hint that it just ‘could’ be the thing that can’t be named”. #lotsofcoincidences

Le Tissier, Sinclair and Gage also took to social media earlier following a shocking week in which five players were taken ill inside 48 hours, including two from the EFL (English Football League).

Best known of the rebels, Le Tissier, a former Southampton legend and England international, asked: “How many more sports people need to collapse

on the pitch before an investigation takes place?”

This common-sense question immediately landed him in hot water with the national media, with ridiculous claims he was putting players’ lives in danger.

Le Tissier’s own media career was already in tatters after he was kicked off his popular role on Sky Sports, leading him to explain that he had refused to wear a Black Lives Matter badge on TV.

But the stances taken by Gage and Sinclair are even braver, considering both have current media roles.

Sinclair, another former England international, was cut off on popular radio station TalkSport when referring to a health scare involving Sheffield United’s John Fleck. “I think everyone wants to know if he (Fleck) has had the covid vaccine”, he said.

The station then censored their own pundit’s honest question from their archives, prompting the 48-year-old to turn to Twitter: “Everyone I speak to about these heart problems suffered by footballers (which worryingly seem to be happening more regularly) are asking if they are linked to covid vaccines or not?”

As with Le Tissier, his comments sparked a huge row, with some accusing him of being “irresponsible”.

The Fleck incident, which national media have distanced from the vaccine, was even closer to home for Gage, a former Blades player and now a Sheffield United TV commentator.

This is his sensational and worrying Tweet in full:

“Bitten my tongue for long enough & out of respect for ‘one of our own’ on Tuesday, I’ve kept quiet. But I’ve now seen reports of another FIVE players who’ve collapsed/died in past two days. One of them, Adama Traore did so in a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE game v Real Madrid watched all around the world by millions & apparently there have been 108 FIFA registered pro footballers who’ve died in last 6 months (a 500% increase) & nearly 200 of them have collapsed... what the f**k is going on?

In my 19 years as a pro footballer & then my 20+ years watching & commentating, I’ve never seen ANY players collapse, pass out, etc either live or during any of the thousands of training sessions & matches I’ve taken part in.

Something isn’t right.... In fact something is happening that is very VERY wrong. Ignore it & keep your head buried in the sand if you wish, but it’s not going away.

We need answers, but who’s gonna be brave enough to ask the questions?”

VAR is not, of course, limited to the so-called ‘beautiful game’.

Le Tissier was in social media correspondence with former England badminton star Gail Emms, aged 44, who posted: “I remember 2hrs after vaccine, my HR going through the roof. Then my blood pressure soared. I don’t remember the next few hours as I was rushed to hospital with suspected stroke. And I’ve been told that this has happened lots with very fit people and the vaccine”.

Whether Fleck or Traore took and were affected by the covid vaccine is yet to be determined.

The bigger picture is the sheer number of apparently super-fit athletes who have either collapsed or died in 2021.


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