This is what Calgary, Alberta, policeman Nick Motyka said in his video published 9th February:

“I will never see my profession in the same light as I did before today. What I saw was the police doing politicians’ dirty work like hired goons. This goes against every reason why I chose this mostly thankless, difficult, traumatising career with terrible hours. The reason I got into law enforcement was to help people. However naïve that was, it is my honest truth. As the years wore on, I'll be the first to admit that I got jaded, but I never let anything compromise my integrity. I always applied the front page of the newspaper test and that is, would I be okay with whatever I was about to do being on the front page of the paper or a news story in your feed for younger viewers. Doing what was right even when no one was looking even if it was difficult was always the right decision.”

“What is happening in Ottawa with the clear political influence on the police to physically exert political will on peaceful protesters for nothing more than possible political gain, is so very wrong on so many levels.

“I was just following orders is no longer an excuse. It is time to stand up and speak out by refusing to breach your fellow citizens’ fundamental Charter rights. You signed up to help people. Stand with your fellow Canadians and say enough is enough. There is no doubt that we are all part of history right now. I have one question for you: Which side do you want to be on?”

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