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They are attempting to brainwash you. Have they succeeded?

And it’s not just you… Everyone who watches TV, or follows mainstream media is vulnerable to their attacks.

Music lyrics and movies frequently have one BIG thing in common… They normalize violence and explicit sexual conduct. And our kids are growing up watching this… Believing it’s “cool”... The way to fit in and find acceptance. That’s what they want you to believe. The global elites have been working behind the scenes for decades to tear families apart… Promoting rebellion from parents and religion… Isolating people from society. Community and love are things of God… And they DON’T like that… Because they want to be in control. So how do they do it? Here’s an example… Do you remember when the deadly C0V1D vaxx was released, and celebrities and social media influencers were all posting pictures of themselves being vaccinated and advocating for the jab? Well, they know that people follow everything that celebrities do… It’s no coincidence that they’re called “influencers” The globalists are using every option available to move people further away from their morals, and further away from God…And this has been going on for DECADES. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Netflix are making it a lot easier for them. So people are allowing more evil into their lives without even realizing it. But through the darkness there is hope and light…

Click the link below and listen to the podcast, Injection Recovery Protocols & Finding Forgiveness for Perpetrators of Evil With Jonathan Otto. LISTEN HERE

During this podcast, some of the things Jonathan shared more about were:

  • The attractive messaging that we can trust everything the government tells us to do

  • The underpinnings of storylines in movies that program us unknowingly

  • Hangovers from violent films

  • Why humans are attracted to violent and disturbing films

  • Why the bad guy always has to die at the end

  • The absence of redemption in current entertainment storylines

  • How popular kids programs are inappropriately priming our children toward sexuality and lust through illicit content

In fact, don’t miss this video of Disney executives ADMITTING that they’re indoctrinating children… Little boys can now become a “Woke Disney” princess. WATCH IT HERE

If that’s not frightening enough… The elites are trying to convince people that God is some angry, judgmental patriarch who is inflicting harm and suffering upon us…

But it’s not all just gloom and doom… We’re not adding to the fear porn. The reason I am constantly striving to share the truth is that it empowers you and sets you free. But JUST knowing the truth is not enough to emancipate yourself… Right now, as you’re reading this and recalling all the evil pushed upon us during the plandemic, you may be experiencing strong feelings of anger, rage, resentment, and disappointment…? I mean, how can you not be enraged when you or a loved one has been seriously harmed by the deadly vaxx? Or worse? But here’s the thing… This is what they want! They want us to live in anger because it makes us susceptible and vulnerable… It makes us more like them. But there is only one way to put an end to evil… And that’s through love. Only when we decide to respond with love will we truly be free from their evil hold. Fortunately, we’re not stranded… We have practical solutions… For example, Dr. Henry Ealy – a world-renowned naturopath – created a vaxx-injury protocol that has been helping victims of the deadly jab to TOTALLY restore their health. And Dr. Bryan Ardis also shared key tools that you can use to detox from what’s believed to be envenomation…

I discussed all these practical solutions on Luke Storey’s podcast… Injection Recovery Protocols & Finding Forgiveness for Perpetrators of Evil With Jonathan Otto. LISTEN HERE

So that you feel confident, moving forward in love and not anger… And that you feel encouraged to connect with your community and join me in spreading the truth and the practical solutions to overcome the darkness that surrounds us. Yours in Health and Love, Jonathan Otto

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