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It is now two very long years since it first became apparent that covid-19 was no more than a rebranded, over-marketed version of the annual flu. It seems a good moment to summarise the worst lies that have been told.

By Dr. Vernon Coleman

TO me the most amazing thing about this entire hoax is not that so many people have ‘woken up’, and are aware that the covid-19 fraud was deliberately devised to lead us into the Great Reset and the New World Order, but that the majority still seem content to accept the lies, half-truths and deceptions they are fed.

When this fraud was first devised, back in the 1960s, it was decided to use global warming as the stick with which to beat the world’s population into submission and to pave the way towards digital passports, social credits and a single world government.

When it became clear that global warming (renamed climate change so that all weather variations could be incorporated into the myth) simply wasn’t working fast enough, the unhealthy mixture of conspirators (consisting of a curious melange of greedy billionaires and nutty left-wing liberals) decided to try to terrorise the world’s population with an infection and then promised to liberate everyone with a brand new super jab.

And so, they re-branded the annual flu – which they duly labelled ‘covid-19’.

Right from the start it was obvious that the predictions being made by Prof. Neil Ferguson were wrong. Everyone seemed to ignore the fact that according to the World Health Organisation up to 650,000 people can die from the flu in a single six month flu season. Incidentally, flu statistics cover six month seasons, but with covid they’re rolling up the figures year on year to try to make the total look more convincing.

The scam nearly fell apart right mat the start when, in March 2020, the public health bodies in the UK and a specialist committee entitled the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens, employed by the UK Government to assess the seriousness of the coronavirus threat, concluded that covid-19 was no more deadly than the ordinary winter flu.

I put the evidence on my website in March 2020 (together with a link to the appropriate part of the Government website – which was rather hidden away), but everyone else in the media ignored it because it rather spoilt the narrative they were being paid to spin.

Two days after covid-19 had been downgraded to the flu, the British Government opened a drawer and found a 358-page bill called The Emergency Bill – the most oppressive bill in British history.

And that is when it all began in earnest. Brainwashing specialists, psychologists and tame scientists were hired to bury scientific truths and to think up ways to terrify the public into believing the lies of the greatest hoax in history.

They introduced lockdowns – although these were never wise, necessary or useful. The lockdown policy will have taken life expectancy back a century. Conservative estimates show that the lockdowns themselves will kill at least 100 times as many people as covid-19. Actuarial figures show that the average Briton will now live nine months less because of the lockdowns.

It’s crucial to understand that covid-19 was never any more deadly than the ordinary standard annual flu. Indeed, the UK Government’s own figures show that covid-19 was actually a rather mild flu. The figures show that in England and Wales, deaths due to covid-19 in 2020, without pre-existing conditions, totalled just 9,400. The ordinary flu had virtually disappeared. Early evidence shows that the figures for 2021 will be similar. But in 2019, when we still had the ordinary flu, a total of 26,342 people died. And in 2018 there were 29,451 deaths in England and Wales. You don’t need a calculator to see that the ordinary flu killed three times as many people as covid-19.

Everything the conspirators introduced to ‘protect’ us from the flu had a hidden purpose, and nothing was based on science.

Mask wearing, for example, was initially dismissed by governments and their advisors as virtue signalling and of absolutely no value. The advice to wear masks was always a political decision, based on the need to frighten people and to force them to be compliant and obedient; face masks are training bras for slaves.

Scientific evidence shows that face masks reduce oxygen levels, increase carbon dioxide levels, cause bacterial pneumonia, skin problems, eye problems and dental problems. They can exacerbate cancer and they cause serious psychological problems in babies and children. My small book ‘Proof that Face Masks do More Harm than Good’ is available free as a PDF on my websites.

One recent piece of research allegedly showed that men are more handsome if they’re wearing a mask. I can only think of two explanations. Either the masked men were incredibly ugly to start with or the people who thought them good-looking had been brain damaged by their jabs – or their mask-wearing. Anyone wearing a mask looks stupid, voiceless and very obedient.

The closure of hospital departments and GP services was based on the need for people to socially distance but none of it was ever logical. Coughs and sneezes, the only way that respiratory disorders can spread, can send an infection 20-30 feet. Individuals who are asymptomatic cannot spread covid.

Closing GP services and hospital departments means that waiting lists are expected to reach 14 million with patients waiting years for diagnostic tests and treatment. Millions will die as a result.

Hospitals were never busy as a result of covid. The government’s own figures show that hospitals and ITUs were quieter than usual. For the last two years, governments around the world have lied – and they are still lying.

Public Health Scotland recently admitted that four out of ten people allegedly in hospital with covid were there with something else. The UK Health Security Agency was warned by the Office for Statistics Regulation after producing implausible covid statistics. Ministers and advisors have repeatedly spread misinformation – and attacked those telling the truth, dismissing them as ‘conspiracy theorists’, calling them ‘anti-vaxxers’ and labelling them as ‘discredited’.

The PCR test was never designed to diagnose diseases, and has even been banned in some countries. By increasing the number of cycles used in the test, the NHS created a mass of false positives – with the chances of an individual actually being infected with anything being less than 3%.

How many people know that samples taken during testing are being used to sell DNA to third parties? How will that DNA be used? No one knows.But DNA samples are widely used by the police and other branches of government. When I first warned about that in late spring 2020, I was laughed at. But now we know it’s true.

The number of alleged covid deaths was exaggerated by labelling everyone who died within 60 or 28 days of a positive PCR test as a covid death. This meant that people who fell out of aeroplanes or off horses were labelled as covid deaths. It was the most patently outrageous fraud since the Iraq weapons of mass destruction scandal.

And then, of course, there are the jabs. The experimental mRNA jabs heavily promoted by governments, media, advisors and celebrities do not stop the jabbed catching anything and do not stop them spreading it if they do catch it.

The evidence proving that the jabs are deadly is overwhelming. It was known in December 2020 that the jabs would cause myocarditis and many other serious conditions (I made a video warning about these serious adverse events). No one knows what the medium or long-term effects are likely to be, because the jabs have not been properly evaluated. Evidence showing the risks was suppressed. The authorities even created the myth of ‘long covid’ to cover up the injuries caused by the jabs.

The horrors of social credit and digital passports are already here. The end of cash (and privacy) is in sight. The unjabbed are already being denied medical treatment. A two-tier society has been deliberately created.

And as the lies continue, the conspirators are doing everything they can to suppress the truth.

Even though I hadn’t put anything about covid on my YouTube channel since the summer of 2020, it was removed. The 216,000 subscribers (who had mostly joined in the spring of 2020) can find the transcripts of 130 censored videos on my website.

The removal of my YouTube channel means that I am now banned from all social media. Any channel in my name on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc., is fake.

Please show this ‘wake-up’ page to anyone you know who is not yet awake.

And please feel free to make copies and distribute them.

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