The Three Faced Terrorist

The Three Faced Terrorist is an incendiary documentary written, edited and produced by Michael O’Bernicia .

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The Video was completed with the assistance of a team of New Zealand detectives who are, to put it mildly, hacked off with the tyrannical diktats of Jacinda Adhern, who has been revealed to be but one of several international WEF infiltrators of governments (Macron, Trudeau, Putin, Merkel are but 4 others with links to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum).

Naturally, each of these infiltrators is, by definition, a traitor as they have been backed and funded by the WEF, which is, amongst other things, a foreign power.

As sharp-eyed readers will know, I’ve previously looked into a number of false flag events. The amateur quality of this one is wholly evident in the footage, which is so utterly and evidently fake, it’s little wonder it got ‘banned’ by the flunkies in the NZ gov, as it destroys their phoney narrative.

In fact, once the reader twigs on to the fact it is fake, then it has a comical quality about it, albeit one which leaves behind a sour taste.

Those dupes who take on the role of crisis actors are similarly despicable.

The same levels of deception were clear and evident in the Manchester arena false flag.

The still image below is from the banned video and is supposed to represent the slaughter of some 51 muslims (in total).

As one views the footage, its blatant fakeness becomes as unmistakable as Ardern’s teeth – no blood, no bits of bone, no screaming, no bullet holes in the walls, no real shells popping out of his tip-exed firearm.

It amounts to nothing more than a virtual-reality-like game of laser quest or paintballing (which would be more realistic, it has to be said).

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