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The State of Colorado embraces Apple’s digital ID tech

The next state to support the technology.

By Ken Macon - Posted 4:18 pm

Apple has brought its digital ID technology to Colorado.

Coloradans can now upload mobile versions of their state ID or driver’s license to their iPhone or Apple Watch, announced the TSA, DMV, and Colorado’s Department of Revenue. Colorado is the third state to support the feature.

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To enrol for Apple’s mobile ID, users upload images of their ID or driving licence and a selfie.

The TSA said that the mobile ID can be used as an official identity document at the Denver International Airport. There are wireless readers provided by IDEMIA that users can tap on their iPhone or Apple Watch and they verify the necessary details.

Only the TSA supports the digital ID as an official identity document. State authorities said the mobile ID is not a replacement for the physical documents, it is a complement to the physical documents. So, citizens are still required to carry the physical identity documents.

Arizona was the first state to launch Apple’s mobile IDs in March, followed by Maryland.

In Arizona, the mobile ID can be used as an official identification document at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. In Maryland, it can be used as an official ID at Reagan National Airport and the Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport.

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