The Proposed "Future Framework" is the worst idea in the history of public health.

By Dr. Toby Rogers - Jun 27


Scheme By Pfizer And Moderna Aims To Skip Clinical Trials for Future COVID Vaccines.

Pfizer and Moderna have come up with a scheme. The scheme is called "The Future Framework," and the idea is to skip clinical trials in perpetuity.

In five days, on Tuesday, June 28, the FDA will vote on a proposal, and the proposal says that reformulated COVID-19 shots are "biologically similar" to existing COVID-19 shots, and so, therefore, they can skip clinical trials altogether.

Dr. Toby Rogers: "Going forward, as of June 29, if this goes through, we will have no data at all. We will have a little bit of information from test-tube studies, a little bit of information from mice studies, but we will have no human data whatsoever. This is a nightmare!"

"The Future Framework is an existential threat to the future of humankind and must be stopped." and Here's why.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus was always a bad candidate for a vaccine. It evolves too fast.

In spite of decades of attempts, there is no vaccine against the common cold nor HIV — because they also evolve too fast.

SARS-CoV-2 is a chimera virus whereby a piece of HIV was spliced into the common cold. That’s why gain-of-function research is dangerous and Fauci never should have funded it.

Previous attempts to develop a vaccine against SARS were a disaster. That’s where we get the phrase — “all the ferrets died” — in animal studies, the SARS prototype vaccines created an immune response but then in challenge trials all of the animals got wiped out.

Peter Hotez, who never met a vaccine he didn’t like, went before Congress early in the pandemic to warn them about the dangers of developing a vaccine for this virus.

But pharmaceutical companies proceeded anyway, because there are trillions of dollars to be made.

Pharma now controls the political system, the regulatory system (FDA, CDC, NIH), and the media so they knew that no one would stop them.

But now all of these organisations find themselves in an untenable situation.

The shots are not working. Everyone knows this. More people have died of Covid since the introduction of the shots than before they were available. The mainstream zombies repeat the mantra that these shots are still somehow protecting against severe outcomes. But that’s pure speculation on their part. With viral evolution, some variants will inevitably be less dangerous than others — the mainstream does not deserve any credit for that.

So the Junta has now declared that the shots must be reformulated!

The Junta = W.H.O./Gates/C.C.P./McKinsey/FDA/CDC/White House/mainstream media.

Reformulated based on what!?

SARS-CoV-2 was never a good candidate for a vaccine. There is no getting around that. These people have no idea of how to make a vaccine that stops Covid-19, what makes them think that they suddenly know how to make it better now???

The Junta declares: We’ll make them bivalent, trivalent, quadrivalent (targeting two, three, or four strains of the virus) — just like the flu shot!

Several problems with that:

1. The flu shot does not work. Why would anyone make the flu shot the model for anything?

2. mRNA shots are NOT comparable to traditional vaccines. If you change a single molecule of mRNA you will get radically different health outcomes that no one can predict. That’s why you have to do safety studies. Furthermore, if you put more mRNA in, to cover more variants, you’ll get more side effects. But if you put less of each type of mRNA in (to keep the total amount of mRNA the same as existing shots) then you’ll have less effectiveness against each particular variant. This problem is unresolvable.

3. By the time these shots get to market, none of the variants in the multivalent shots will likely still be in circulation. It takes 6 months to do a slap-dash clinical trial + another 2 months to mass produce the shots = 8 month timeline, minimum. But the virus is evolving multiple times per month right now.

So the Junta declares, let’s skip clinical trials altogether and just inject any ol’ thing we want into people!’

That’s literally the position of the W.H.O./FDA/White House/mainstream media at this point. They are declaring that This Wily Virus(TM) evolves too fast and so therefore, all Americans should inject mRNA with ZERO clinical safety studies. “Trust Us(TM)” they say, “We Know What We Are Doing(TM).”

As Bannon declared, this is beyond Orwellian, it’s Kafkaesque.

So now we are in a situation where multiple parties with massive unresolvable conflicts of interest — the W.H.O., the Gates Foundation, Chinese Communist Party, Pharma, McKinsey — are all declaring that the only way to save The Science is to kill The Science and skip clinical trials forevermore.


Say it again with me, loudly, for the people in the back: SARS-CoV-2 WAS NEVER A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR A VACCINE. It evolves too fast. Everything the public health establishment has done for 28 months has made things worse. These vaccines are accelerating the evolution of variants. We will never exit the pandemic as long as the FDA & CDC rely upon leaky vaccines as the only defense against the virus. The fact is, Pharma does not ever want the pandemic to end which is why they are pursuing a strategy that is guaranteed to fail (while making themselves fabulously rich).

Therapeutics are the only way out of the pandemic. The website c19early lists all of the treatments and all of the studies that have been conducted in connection with these treatments. Keep in mind that the Gates Foundation and the medical establishment funded studies that were obviously rigged to torpedo ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Once you remove their outlier results you get a pretty good picture of what is working if used for prophylaxis and early treatment.

Everything I’ve written here is obvious and straightforward. But at this point, no one in the public health establishment can bring themselves to admit that they were wrong.

They are addicted to their self-perception as heroes. So they just go round and round with increasingly preposterous political theater — New & Improved(TM)! Now with Omicron(TM)! Two Variants! Three Variants! Four Variants! Data, who needs data!? What are you some kind of nerd!? Soon it will escalate to: asking for safety data is an act of terrorism and the terrorists will be dealt with accordingly.

That’s already the view of the Chinese Communist Party and huge swaths of the public health establishment.

And so here we are, government regulators, captured financially and culturally, auditioning for jobs with powerful global institutions that do not have our best interests at heart, on the verge of telling 330,000,000 Americans (and 8 billion people worldwide) to inject genetically modified strands of mRNA with NO SAFETY DATA.

You can officially register your concerns (here) — look for the blue comment button in the upper left. Or write to these regulators at the email addresses listed (here). Or contact your elected officials by following the instructions in part VII (here).

The Future Framework is an existential threat to the United States and anyone who votes for it is committing a crime against humanity.

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