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The pandemic myth is a carefully constructed deception which has been planned for years

By Dr. Vernon Coleman MD

When you see a simple magic trick performed for the first time it is natural to be impressed. But when the trick has been explained, and you understand what has gone on and why, then you wonder how on earth you fell for it.

The coronavirus hoax is like that.

The pandemic myth is a carefully constructed deception which has been planned for years and is now being executed with military precision. Even, or rather especially, the chaos and the apparent incompetence are all part of the trick.

The contradictions and the disagreements among politicians and their advisers are designed to add to our sense of uncertainty.

Nothing that happened to us in 2020 happened by accident. It began with exaggerated predictions, and doom laden warnings of a ‘plague’ that would kill millions and threaten the very existence of the human race. We were warned that nothing would ever be the same again. (Imperial College - Dr Neil Fergusson - proven case history of getting it badly wrong - rong about Swine Flu, wrong about Avien Flu, wrong about Mad Cow disease)

The mass media, their loyalty bought with massive government

advertising expenditure, painted an apocalyptic view of the future. The ‘plague’ would be with us for always. We would have to live under harsh, new laws designed to protect us and keep us safe. We would need to be put under house arrest and accept

a present and a future deliberately designed to be without joy, hope, humour or humanity.

There was a reason for this wickedness, of course. Everything that happened in 2020 was carefully designed to create enough fear to turn people into compliant victims; ready to accept any inconvenience that would protect them.

We have been tricked and manipulated by politicians and the media. Right from the start, the evidence convinced me that Dr Neil Ferguson’s gloom laden predictions were absurdly pessimistic. And Ferguson’s unduly inaccurate history as a ‘forecaster’ even suggested to me that he might have been chosen for his ability to get things badly wrong.

Then in March 2020, the UK government’s specialist advisers told the politicians that the coronavirus could be downgraded since it was no more of a threat than the ordinary flu.

That should have been the end of the scam. Not a few would-be Masters of the New Universe were doubtless dismayed by the experts’ decision.

But the Government shrugged its collective shoulders, ignored the inconvenient advice and published a 358-page Emergency Bill giving itself extraordinary powers to combat a virus known to be no worse than the flu.

Rights and freedoms we’d had since the Magna Carta, disappeared in a flash, once the Coronavirus Act was passed without most MPs having read it.

Throughout 2020, the scientific evidence continued to prove that the coronavirus hoax was exactly that – the greatest hoax in history.

Mortality rates showed that the lockdowns and the closure of many hospital departments were killing far, far more people than covid-19. Around the world, hundreds of millions will die because of the response, not the disease.

The testing programme was expanded even though it was known to be picking up more false positives than real positives. The inevitable rise in alleged ‘infections’ was used to justify more lockdowns.

The wearing of masks was ordered by government advisors who had, just months before, described them as unnecessary and unhelpful. Evidence showing that mask wearing caused seriously low blood oxygen levels, lung infections and possible serious brain damage was suppressed.

Throughout the summer, despite the abundance of scientific evidence proving that covid-19 was killing no more people than an ordinary flu, most of the public remained terrified.

An absurdly compliant media sustained the myth and endorsed the politically inspired hysteria. The BBC and the rest were used to demonise anyone who dared to speak the truth.

Doctors who had the courage to speak out were sacked, silenced, libelled or even imprisoned. Videos explaining the truth were removed by YouTube – even when they were made by acknowledged experts. Demonstrations were banned.

Those criticising the conspiracy were, with silent irony, labelled conspiracy theorists. Politicians and advisors refused to debate with people like me – who would expose their deceits.

Vaccines, which had been dangled as the Holy Grail, the key to our freedom, were introduced without being fully tested and against the warnings of many eminent experts.

Lockdowns, sometimes partial, sometimes complete, never logical, were used to destroy lives, close thousands of small businesses, push up unemployment and spread misery.

But why would governments around the world make the same ‘mistakes’, ignore the experts, suppress the truth, sustain the lies, create policies which will kill millions and destroy their own economies?

You’d have to be paranoid to think it is all part of a master plan, wouldn’t you? Except you wouldn’t. Because it is. It’s part of Agenda 21–a decades’ long plan to take over every aspect of our lives and to create a World Government.

Originally created by the United Nations, it has been shaped, promoted and put into action by some of the most evil minds in history.

Why would they deliberately wreck so many lives, create so much unemployment?

Easy. The world’s richest 500 people, according to the Bloomberg index, collectively gained 23% or $1.3 trillion in 2020 (editor: $1.9 Trillion) While you and I were being oppressed, suppressed and impoverished, the billionaires were getting ever richer.

And the billionaires will continue to become ever richer because the New World Order is designed to fit their businesses. Their businesses are well suited to the global Great Reset being promoted by the World Economic Forum and the Bilderbergers.

But we have all the power we need to put a stop to this take-over of our lives. We just have to stand up for ourselves and say no.

We should start with the masks. The masks were never introduced to control the spread of a ‘plague’. Masks do far more harm than good and were introduced to force us to become compliant.

And so we don’t wear them. In the UK, the law gives an exemption to anyone who can’t wear a mask. You have a right not to wear a mask if putting one on will cause you severe distress.

You have a right not to wear one if you think a mask will harm your health.

It seems to me that, according to the Government guidelines, there are good reasons not to wear a mask. What are ‘they’ going to do if we all refuse to wear their damned masks?

If we stop wearing masks we’ll be well on the way to winning the fight for our freedom and our survival.

It’s that simple.

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