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The New Normal – NHS Hospital denies parents access to their critically ill baby if Unvaaxed

NHS nurses were recently recorded telling an expectant mother waiting to give birth in hospital that they would perform a PCR test on her baby as it was no longer the mother’s property once it was not in her abdomen.

Now footgage has emerged of the new mother and father being denied access to visit the baby in St Thomas’ Hospital because they refuse to take a Covid-19 test.

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The newborn baby was tranferred to St Thomas’ Hospital in London on the 16th August due to suffering breathing difficulties, however the parents were unable to travel with their baby due to Covid-19 safety measures implemented by the NHS.

But when the parents arrived at the hospital to visit their newborn they were denied access to their child due to refusing to take a Covid-19 lateral flow test and the incident was recorded by the father which you can listen to in its entirety in the video below.

The parents later received a call from the hospital telling them that they would make a special exception for one day only and allow them to see their baby for two hours, however they clearly explained to the parents that this was a one-off and that they would need to wear a face mask for the entirety of the visit.

The parents were then told that in future the father of the child would have to take a lateral flow test before being allowed to visit, but the parents flatly told them that they will be visiting every day and will not under any circumstances take a Covid-19 test to do so.

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