It's a race to the bottom for US trade

If there ever was a time when you could see a trend solidly in motion, now is it.

That the Western, previously civilised world is in decline has been known to anyone with an ounce of curiosity and even just a modicum of analysis of data points.

Before Xi’s ascension to power one could have argued that this trend was worrying, but not terrifying.

What makes it terrifying is that Xi managed to abolish the two-term limit for his presidency with an overwhelming majority (2,959 to 2 and 3 abstaining votes — no prizes for guessing where those 5 guys are now).

He then proceeded to have his name enshrined in the constitution. No shit.

You may recall Xi’s “anti-corruption” purge from a few years back.

Well, this was Xi’s own internal secret police, designed to kill (literally) any opposition from within the CCP.

Today’s China, or should I say CCP, is not the same CCP of Deng Xiaoping. Today’s CCP is an ideological global weapon of control, and it is spreading like cancer.

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