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The most important battle in human history

My friends, this is the most important battle in human history. If we can't grow our food, we depend forever on the system.

What they are saying about local food production:

“Animals are dirty and dangerous. Rainwater is poisonous – you can't eat stuff that was grown outside!” Traditional farming and ranching is antiquated and illegal!”

Sounds ridiculous – beyond belief! But so does people wearing cloth masks OUTSIDE for two years. These same people could be made to fear food overnight.

And this move is happening now:

* “Rainwater ALL over Earth has PFAS” -- new study claims “forever chemicals” are now in gardens and animals raised outdoors – remember they are already shutting down farms for PFAS contamination (see my report here) — now extending the contamination to the entire biosphere.

… literally, from the researcher: “we’re in a place now where you can’t live anywhere on the planet, and be sure that the environment is safe.” This is the design. The divorce of man from nature. Separation of us from God's creation. And it will be used to make traditional food “dangerous and poisonous.” Now we see why the investment into indoor farming, and marketing lab-grown meat as "clean meat.” THEY ARE POISONING THE REST.

* “Backyard chickens are dangerous because of lead in eggs — should be regulated -- it's explicitly the BACKYARD birds

— “Hobby farms are a risk for foot and mouth disease" -- dirty and dangerous. It's explicitly the small HOBBY farms.

— “Free Range” farming RAISES risk of pandemics – surprise. Intensive corporate ‘factory farming’ may actually be SAFER than you being able to raise your own animals.

Not to mention, we have these biolabs researching every kind of pathogen from Bird Flu to African Swine Fever to take our food supply out.

In short, they are destroying traditional food and ranching, just as they are the energy infrastructures and monetary systems.

Prof. Richard Werner just remarked (here) that as central banks currencies fail, they must move to a new digital (#CBDC) model, so people don’t take back their power with local currencies. This same play is happening with food: as toxic big Ag fails, they poison the food supply and use weather warfare — it is techno-salting the fields.

I may make separate posts with some of these links for easy sharability, but it is all of these dots that form a picture that’s impossible to ignore. This is the biggest takeover in human history. Grow food, use cash/barter/local currency— do everything you can to de-centralize. Our future depends on it.

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