The Legacy Implications of the Covid-19 Scamdemic

What implications COVID-19 will have on society, beyond lockdowns.

25 pointers to the 'New Normal'

  1. A new standard has been set for what can and/or will trigger lockdowns and mass vaccination campaigns in the future. We have established that a 0.4% fatality rate is enough to justify shutting down society

  2. Health is now much more of a concern/obsession than it was before - people have been trained to think of themselves as fragile, vulnerable, and in need of authorities [and vaccines] to protect them

  3. The public were divided into two camps, with one (the vaccinated) strongly encouraged to despise, resent and loathe the other (unvaccinated)

  4. The unvaccinated will probably continue to be demonised and scapegoated for any bumps in the covid road

  5. People were trained to "trust the science", really a way to encourage obedience to (corrupt) authority. In this process, science itself was lionised as the font of wisdom and knowledge - further detaching people from other sources and types of wisdom

  6. More practically, the massive economic damage is going to unfold over the next years and decades

  7. Countless small businesses have been obliterated

  8. Massive wealth transfer towards the global corporations and oligarchs

  9. Increase in the pod-like lifestyle of being at home all the time, watching media on the Internet (conditioning the public)

  10. The public have been encouraged to be obsessed about the short term and to forget about the long term - it has been impossible for most people to plan more than a couple of days ahead for the last two years

  11. Global implementation of surveillance, scanning and tracking technologies

  12. Dependency on the smartphone, just to go about ordinary daily life, has been greatly increased

  13. Negative health effects of the vaccine (as yet unknown) but becoming increasingly and alarmingly obvious.

  14. We discovered that virtually all the institutions of our society are corrupt, or they were corrupted during the course of the last two years. At any rate, the pressures applied during this time, and the enforcement measures established, will have greatly reduced any lingering tendencies towards free thinking in those institutions - media, government, lobbying, finance, science, medicine, education at all levels, civil rights bodies, etc.

  15. The governments around the West now know who is obedient and who is not, at a level of granularity that would have been impossible before the vaccine drive.

  16. Dying at 83 is now seen as an aberration and a tragedy. We have been trained to want to live (and to expect to live) far beyond 80. We have been trained to think that longevity is all-important - even if it requires shutting down society.

  17. Everything that was done was studied, and will be studied, for how well it worked upon the public. Lessons will be learned and techniques will be refined.

  18. Interconnections between national governments, local councils, global corporations, trans-national organisations, and supranational bodies such as the EU were all strengthened and multiplied during the last two years. This has the obvious implication of much more harmonious corruption now being possible between these elite bodies. It also has the more subtle implication that the people of these echelons will now feel much more distant from the hoi polloi.

  19. Promotion among the public of the globally-recognised digital ID.

  20. Promotion among the elite (for now) of the social credit score.

  21. Millions of small children have lived through a bizarre experience during their formative years, which will undoubtedly affect their socialisation, their neuroticism about other people, their future ability to comprehend facial expressions, to communicate normally.

  22. Apparently it has also had effects on their speech. You could also add the claimed impact on their IQ, but that's far from confirmed as of yet.

  23. The public have been persuaded to trust global corporations on issues where those corporations stand to make massive financial gains.

  24. The pushing of a health-centred civic duty, an artificial collectivism, which has further supplanted natural (ethnic) collectivism.

  25. The elevation of the figure of the oligarch (examples would obviously be Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab) - men who can "lead beyond authority".

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