The Great Deception


Our world is utterly corrupt and the result is a deteriorating quality of life for those of us who are not billionaires

IN the 18th century, Russian statesman Grigory Potemkin wanted to impress Empress Catherine II and so built fake villages along the banks of the Dnieper River in order to convince Catherine that the Crimea was more affluent than it really was.

Whether apocryphal or not, his name has become synonymous with being all front and no substance; and once you begin to look behind the facade of almost everything in today’s world, you will see nothing but smoke and mirrors.

There is a famous Chris Hedges quote which goes:

“Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals and banks destroy the economy.”

Our world is utterly corrupt and the result is a deteriorating quality of life for those of us who are not billionaires. We are actually encouraged to worship the oligarchs, as if excessive wealth in a world of widespread poverty is anything to be lauded.

If you doubt how malleable and programmable the human mind is, consider all of the world’s religions, philosophies, creeds and cults. All totally convinced they have the right answers and understanding, but by logic alone most must be in error. Yet they believe so strongly they are willing to go to war and die for their beliefs.

But your beliefs are right, aren’t they? They are all grounded in reason, science and common knowledge after centuries of discovery by people far smarter than us, surely?

With more than a century of behavioural science including how to thoroughly influence the masses, coupled with an information-delivery system (split into ‘education’ and the media in all its forms) that is all- pervading, uniform and the only means by which most see the world, and you have the ability to create an utterly false reality for people, having them believe whatever you want; fearing all kinds of threats and ultimately manipulate and control their behaviour through control of how they feel and what they believe.

You could, for example, create a whole ‘climate crisis’ scenario in which the Earth is dying due to certain types of behaviour, and through your world organisations, multinational corporations, owned and operated national governments and media, badger people into believing living an advanced, industrialised life is a terrible thing and we should all go back to poverty.

Or arrange a massive, costly and unnecessary ‘war on terror’ after tenuously linking the demolition of three buildings at the world trade centre (at least one of which was never hit by a plane,) to any countries you want to invade and ‘bring democracy to’. How did that work out so far in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan?

You could also create the illusion of a pandemic, scaring everyone into accepting unlawful restrictions and experimental injections by showing images of people dropping dead in the street in countries far away and flashing scary-sounding figures on the screen 24/7.

The possibilities are endless - whatever you want to raise funds for, whatever you want people to believe, you create the scenario that will get the masses to accept it, and repeat it constantly for weeks, months or years until it is all they believe. The essence of propaganda is repetition.

But after an exhaustive research of subjects and beliefs taught as ‘common knowledge’, many find most are nothing more than Potemkin ideas - they seem fine on the surface, and we accept that smarter minds than ours have figured it out, plus the water runs and the power flows and we have the internet, so things work, right?

We are led to believe we are not capable of understanding these subjects. They coat them in jargon, acronyms and pseudo-science so that we are put off ever delving into them. But here is the greatest deception of all: you are far more capable than you have ever been led to believe. How easily we accept serfdom, mediocrity and mystery through these false assumptions about ourselves and our world.

Here is the fundamental problem with any communist/socialist philosophy: there are no two people alike; we all have unique talents, skills, aptitudes and motivations. We all serve a different purpose. That is the essence of freedom, and a prosperous society. The opposite is being told what we are, fitting our round pegs into square holes and living someone else’s life, dreamt up by corporations.

If you hated school, hate life, cannot see any purpose or meaning and are just drifting along, this is by design. They do not want you to thrive, they do not want you to be who you want to be; they want an obedient, servile worker - at whatever level of intelligence.

How do you get out of it? By choice, and in stages. But it is down to you - once you first know your life is in your own hands and does not belong to a corporation, government or any other organisation. It’s the most important decision you may ever make.

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