This is a book called The Limits to Growth, produced for the Club of Rome by an American think-tank the Potomac Associates, which explored such topics as:

I: The Nature of Exponential Growth

II:The Limits to Exponential Growth III: Growth in the World System

IV: Technology and the Limits to Growth

V: The State of Global Equilibrium

And looks in detail at:

World Urban Population

The Growth of Savings

World Population

World Industrial Production

Economic Growth Rates

Protein and Caloric Intake

Food Production

Arable Land Energy Consumption and GNP Per Capita

Carbon Dioxide Concentration in the Atmosphere

Nuclear Wastes

Lead in the Greenland Ice Cap

DDT Flows in the Environment

Population Growth and Capital Growth

Nutrition and Life Expectancy

Birth Rates and GNP Per Capita

Families Wanting Four or More Children and GNP Per Capita

Desired Family Size

Cost of Pollution Reduction

World Model with "Unlimited" Resources, Pollution Controls, and "Perfect" Birth Contro

World Model with ''Unlimited" Resources, Pollution Controls, Increased Agricultural Productivity, and "Perfect" Birth Control

You can download a pdf copy of the book by clicking on the link below

Download PDF • 43.28MB

This book is compulsory reading for anyone who wants to understand how we came to be in the situation we now find ourselves, threatened and intimidated by a small but immensely powerful group of mega-wealthy tyrants who have only their own best interests and those of the global corporations they own at heart.

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