The CDC is committing fraud and hiding confirmed cases of Covid-19 in fully vaccinated people

The CDC contends that only a small percentage of people in the United States who have been vaccinated will get COVID-19 — called “breakthrough cases” — but a leading epidemiologist says that’s because the agency stopped counting the breakthrough cases of people who didn’t die or were not hospitalised.

“Some months ago the CDC stopped counting breakthrough cases … the large numbers of cases in people who had been vaccinated,” said Dr. Harvey Risch of the Yale School of Medicine in an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

“So, of course, those cases don’t register for the CDC’s counts, and so the great proportion [of cases] that they’re claiming are in unvaccinated people,” Risch said.

“And that fallacy is why the U.S. and the CDC’s count is different from than Israel or the UK. It’s a fallacy.”

The UK’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance recently said that 60% of people who have been hospitalised with Covid-19 were fully vaccinated. Sir Patrick told a news briefing that the figure was not surprising “because the vaccines are not 100% effective,”.

However, he later retracted that statement via Twitter, claiming that he had meant to say 60% of people in hospital with Covid-19 were not vaccinated. But the retraction makes his long-winded justification of why so many fully vaccinated people were in hospital during the news briefing rather strange.

Public Health England figures do however show that since February 2021 people who’d had at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine make up 65% of all alleged Covid-19 deaths, the majority of whom were fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Israel’s health ministry found that about 40% of the new cases of Covid-19 detected since May were vaccinated patients.

In many cases, these covid-19 tests are fraudulently calibrated at over 30 or 40 cycle thresholds to produce a “false positive” covid-19 diagnosis. The tests do not decipher dead viral debris from infectious viral debris and can report a false positive reading even though someone has recovered from the infection and has immunity.

A more accurate diagnosis is produced using a PCR cycle threshold of 17, confirmed using symptom-specific criteria, and also backed up by another test called Sanger Sequencing.

However, most states were not transparent with the number of cycle thresholds used to generate covid-19 cases, and they did not use medical standards to properly diagnose the cause of medical emergencies.

Instead of following scientific standards, labs and covid-19 test companies took advantage of income streams and perpetrated fraud. Moreover, US hospital systems were financially compensated for a positive covid-19 test, coercing medical authorities to diagnose covid-19 as the cause of death, when it is merely “suspected or cannot be ruled out.”

Relying on test fraud, the covid-19 diagnosis fraudulently became the final determinant and leading cause of death for people who passed away from other causes, like medical error, heart attack, ventilator-associated pneumonia, influenza, prescription error, omission of treatment, stroke, or an assortment of hospital-acquired infections, etc..

This covid-19 diagnosis was also slapped on mildly ill or healthy individuals, subjecting them to fraudulent “quarantine” orders and contact tracing, which unlawfully detained people and deprived them of their liberty, while shuttering entire workplaces and industries in the process.

After lowering the cycle count for the vaccinated, case counts have predictably fallen, making the vaccine appear effective. To further make covid-19 disappear in the vaccinated, the CDC stopped recording “breakthrough cases” in the Spring of 2021. These are deliberate acts of deception.

The CDC is using this medical fraud to claim that the unvaccinated are the cause of the ongoing pandemic, when in reality, the vaccinated are still getting sick, seeking hospitalisation and coming down with new health problems such as heart inflammation, blood clots and stroke.

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