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The Agenda Weekly from the World Economic Forum

Welcome to the World Economic Forum’s newsletter.

[I thought readers of this blog might like to see what the World Economic Forum are working to achieve - the items below are for their weekly newsletter, in particular their views on the 'Metaverse' and the Great Reshuffle (not reset)]

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Forum publications sparking the most discussion right now. 1: How to accelerate and strengthen the world economy. ⇒ Explore: Economic Progress Transformation Map 2: What the Great Reshuffle means for the jobs market. ⇒ Explore: Workforce and Employment Transformation Map

Watch more Forum videos here.

3: On the Agenda: our virtual future

The Forum and its partners are collaborating to help ensure that emerging technologies are used to address global challenges. Explore in the pieces below insights from Forum thought leaders on recent digital innovation. 4: This is how the metaverse might be monetized. 5: Supercomputers, AI and the metaverse: what you need to know.

6: When you buy an NFT, what do you actually own? 7: The 3 technologies that will shape the future of the metaverse. 8: Fighting fraud: Russia’s innovative digital track-and-trace system. 9: DAOs and blockchain can help us re-envision corporations.


Strategic Intelligence

From COVID-19 to blockchain, energy, global governance and more, explore and monitor the forces shaping our world.

10: On our radar: inequality

This week, explore expert insights from around the web on the origins and persistence of inequality and efforts to mitigate it. 11: In this city, who your parents were 600 years ago predicts income today. 12: When women spoke up, men cried conspiracy. 13: Realtime inequality: who benefits from income and wealth growth in the US. 14: A conservative took Mississippi’s only class in critical race theory.


The Centre for the 4IR Serbia

The Prime Minister of Serbia and the Forum’s President discuss the newest Centre for the 4IR and how technology can drive economic growth.


The World Economic Forum in the news

Highlights from media coverage of Forum initiatives and publications this past week.

What makes Iceland so great? Cites Global Gender Gap Report. (New York Times)

Chinese New Year disrupted again. Quotes President Xi’s Davos Agenda speech. (Economist)

How often will we need COVID-19 boosters? Quotes discussion at Davos Agenda. (Fortune)

Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to open in Serbia. (SeeNews)

5 priorities for Africa. Coverage of Agenda blog post. (Business Insider Africa)

Read more about the World Economic Forum’s media impact here.


World Economic Forum Establishes Consortium to Build Framework for Digital Currencies

The World Economic Forum has put together what they call a Global Consortium for Digital Currency Governance as a way to help design some sort of “framework for the governance of digital currencies, including stablecoins,” a release reports.

It notes that this framework is important for cryptocurrencies to be properly utilized, as governance is the only way for them to be accessible by many. Overall, the Consortium is meant to “focus on solutions for a fragmented regulatory system. Efficiency, speed, inter-operability, inclusivity and transparency will be at the heart of this initiative. It will call for innovative regulatory approaches to achieve these goals and build trust.”

Speaking on the matter is Klaus Schwab, the Founder and an Executive Chairman at the World Economic Forum:

“Digital currency, a cross-cutting topic that requires input across sectors, functions, and geographies, is a key area of interest for the Forum. Building on our long history of public-private cooperation, we hope that hosting this consortium will catalyse the conversations necessary to inform a robust framework of governance for global digital currencies.”

Overall, the forum has been working on this Consortium for the past few years and is finally implementing it in order to push forward blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other digital assets.

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