Terrible stories told on the needle bar bus will never leave me

‘I cannot tell you how often I have heard the words: heart-attack, stroke, heart- attack, stroke...’

LOOKING back, there is a line that cuts through the flow of my life; a day when everything changed: April 19, 2021.


I had a row with politician Keir Starmer outside my pub in Bath and my world went bat-shit crazy. Suddenly, I was on national media trying to calmly explain that the ‘emergency’ is a lie and that lockdowns do not work. The phone started ringing and did not stop. And people started coming to see me to talk about it.

And they kept coming for many weeks. They still occasionally do. It was, and is, a pleasure to meet them and to listen. What they have mainly told me about, in one way or another, is fear. Fear of losing their jobs, fear of what is happening to us all, fear for their children’s future. And more and more, fear of the vaccines.

I was, and in many ways still am, pro-vax. But I was listening, and I noticed that in my own circle of friends I knew more people who had been hurt by the vaccines than by covid. That is not normal.

And they are trying so hard to force us all to take them.

That is not right.

I realised I was scared too. And I was, and still am, angry about the unfairness of it all. People being forced to take these injections and in some cases, having their lives destroyed by them. And it all being hidden under a blanket of censorship by our media, big tech and government.

One thing I know is, I should maintain agency if I can. I mean, if there has to be a fight, then have the fight, and the sooner the better. If this is not a fight,I do not know what it is. Perhaps a fight for our lives; at least for the way we live, or used to live. Certainly, for our children’s future and safety.

I am useless on social media and all that. I like talking and listening to people in person. I will take a hug over a handshake, and a handshake over just ‘hello’.

I am not scared of any ‘germs’ and I do not believe I am a threat to you. Life means physical life to me - I will do video-calling if I have to, but it is a poor, weak imitation and I despise it.

So I bought a bus, me and some friends. And we put on it in as big letters as we could manage the question that no one is allowed to ask: “First, do no harm.. ?”. It has a bar and recording facilities. We set out to meet people physically in the world and to listen.

They say fools rush in where angels fear to tread. It has been wonderful and terrible and the strangest thing I have done.

Everything has gone right and everything has gone wrong. I need a bus; there is the perfect bus; the bus breaks down. I need somewhere to work on it; there is a lovely spot at the back of a local farm; it rains hard just before I have to take it somewhere and I have to get towed out by two tractors.

All the way along, it has felt like if it could go wrong, it has. And at the same time, whenever I have needed help, help has been there. I have felt thoroughly tested and that I should not ever expect it to be easy. And, perhaps strangely, it is a good thing and that pushing through the difficulties is a way to earn whatever good we may do.The process is magical. We turn for it. Though what I have heard will never leave me.

There are some rules: everyone is welcome, whatever their point of view. Our job is to listen, not to campaign or to tell anyone what to think or believe – ever.

We listen to everything and anything you want to say fully. We do not edit at all. I am proud of the stories that are slowly accumulating on our website and on Rumble.

They are a true and accurate report of real people’s lives and experiences. Many thousands of people have seen them, and I believe that that is a good thing. If you watch them, you will see that each one of them is brave and a fighter.

And it is also terrible because it is all real. When you are on the coach, the things we all know about that come to us as news and reports on our screens, become direct, human and personal. I cannot tell you how often I have heard the words ‘heart-attack, stroke, heart-attack, stroke...’.

The big coach with the question, ‘First, do no harm.. ?’ is powerful. Almost everyone who sees it stops to look. Sometimes they come over to ask what it is; sometimes to ask if they can get their booster. Often to say, “well done, this should be done, this must be talked about”. Sometimes to tell their story – but very seldom on camera.

Although almost everyone is friendly and helpful, it still feels like you are going about with the sword of Damocles hanging over you; asking the question that is not allowed to be asked. You are face to face with, and peacefully challenging, what is undoubtedly a huge crime being committed against us by our own government, and whoever owns them.

And it is quite physically tough too, living on a coach in the middle of winter; dealing with generators and a lot of stuff.

So far so good, but the project needs help to continue. To go forward, we need more organisation, more communication and some brave and tough film-makers and social media experts to ride the coach. If you want to do something challenging and daunting, do get in touch, you will be very welcome. Did I mention the bar?


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