Swedish Physicians for Covid Facts – Press Conference June 2021

The two physicians say it’s time to go get the facts straight about Covid-19 and it’s time to question and debate the covid restrictions applied in the world. Hanna Asberg claims there is a systemic problem within health care that must be changed and that the real driving forces behind the covid measures need to be disclosed.

The most acute aspect of the current covid crisis is the fact that Covid-19 can be treated with methods and pharmaceutical drugs that are already on the shelves and that have been proven successful when used. But these drugs are on the contrary held back all over the world. This madness must stop, the two physicians explain.

The points in the open letter – Covid Facts

  1. There is no significant increase of total deaths during 2020 compared with the last 20 years.

  2. In 2009 the WHO (World Health Organization) changed the definition of a pandemic from being based on deaths to being based on cases.

  3. During the winter season 2020/2021 the Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) reported almost zero cases of influenza.

  4. PCR-tests done at 35 or more cycles give 97% false positives. In Sweden, 45-50 cycles are used in the lab.

  5. Facemasks do not prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. Facemasks increase the risk of bacterial airway infections.

  6. There is a clear connection between vitamin D deficiency and the risk for hospitalization and death from covid-19.

  7. Ivermectin works as prevention and treatment of covid-19, however, Swedish doctors are not able to prescribe this medication.

  8. Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin is an effective combination treatment of covid-19.

  9. Lockdowns have no scientific evidence showing any decrease in the spread of covid-19. On the contrary, lockdowns cause financial harm, mental illness, and even delayed diagnosis of cancer and heart disease.

  10. Healthy children do not die of covid-19. There is no need for children to receive the experimental injection.

  11. The covid injection is not a vaccine in the traditional sense, rather a form of gene therapy where the individual can still be infected.

  12. Normally vaccine development takes 5-15 years. Since February 2021 there has been an increase of covid deaths parallel with people taking the injection.

  13. We are now in a combined phase 3 + 4 experimental trial without informed consent, which is against the Nuremberg Code.

  14. Vaccine passports will lead to an apartheid system and further loss of individual freedom.

“We should always cure our patients. When there is no cure, we should relieve the symptoms, when there is no relief we should give comfort, and most of all, we must not harm our patients. We demand that all Covid injections are stopped immediately in all age groups.”

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