Sunday Roundup: This Week's Covid Positive News


Here are the positive stories that everyone should be talking about.

Ongoing Demos and Noncompliance:

1) Dutch Freedom Convoy brings The Hague in the Netherlands to a standstill.

2) Canadian Civil Liberties Association declares PM Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act illegal.

3) Canadian Civil Liberties Association takes the Canadian government to court over invoking the Emergencies Act.

Official Covid Narrative Collapsing:

4) Canadian PM Trudeau's smear campaign against the Freedom Convoy protests goes public as open letter is published.

5) Majority of Canadians believe Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates should end and that number is increasing.

6) The U.S. public are becoming increasingly anti-mandate and losing faith in Covid measures but gaining faith in each other.

7) New Mexico Governor announces an immediate end to mask mandates and doubt around vaccines.

8) Washington D.C. ends the Covid vaccine mandate for businesses and dials back mask requirements.

9) More mask and vaccine mandates end in the USA as world governments become desperate to keep respect.

Covid Restrictions Ending Worldwide:

10) Slovakia set to end all Covid measures by the end of March and return to life before the pandemic.

11) Portugal announces it is lifting almost all Covid restrictions over the next few days.

12) Government in the Netherlands will drop most Covid restrictions in February.

13) The mandatory Covid vaccination plans in Germany and Austria are faltering.

14) Vaccine mandate uncertainty in Austria as the government ends most mandates by March 5th.

Inspirational Covid-related Film and Media:

15) The new U.S. Freedom Convoy to D.C. goes mainstream as it is announced on U.S. cable TV.

16) Defeat The Mandates is uniting with the U.S. Freedom Convoy for a historic event in the USA. Staying positive and empowered in these changing times:

17) Dr. Robert Malone explains how the Emergencies Act and censorship are positive signals.

18) The White House and Canadian PM Trudeau invoking unprecedented powers shows protests are working.

Staying healthy in these changing times:

19) Spending time in nature shown to be an essential way to cope with the Covid Pandemic.

20) First Covid-19 nasal spray in UK as sprays and other simple Covid treatments with no side effects go mainstream.

21) Simple habit of good oral hygiene now known to prevent risk of Covid infection

How do you feel reading this news?

Science shows a positive focus undoes the effects of negativity, and improves mental and physical health, broadening our physical, intellectual and social resources and our thought–action repertoire.

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