Sturgeon Cancels New Year: Scotland To Enter Lockdown From December 27


Nicola Sturgeon today cancelled New Year for Scotland as she unveiled additional COVID-19 restrictions in the country:

  • Limits placed on large scale events as the Scottish First Minister cancelled New Year celebrations

  • People in Scotland will be urged to limit socialising and stay at home

  • Football matches from boxing day will effectively be spectator-free

  • Table service only requirement to be reimposed on hospitality venues

Sturgeon appeared to fire a shot at Boris Johnson during her announcement saying: “we know from experience that if we wait until the data tells us conclusively that we have a problem… it will already be too late to act to avoid that problem”.

Boris Johnson remains under pressure from SAGE to impose further restrictions before Christmas, but there has been heavy criticism of the claim that deaths could each 6,000 a day.

(Well it was Neil "Fuck-Up" Fergusson who predicted that ridiculous figure)

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