Street lights have been weaponised

If you have new streetlights in your road, you need to consider when they were turned on and what unexplained symptoms you or your family might have developed

The purpose of this article is to create greater awareness of the new weaponised LED (Light Emitting Diode) 5G streetlights.

People really need to understand what is going on here. Looking on Facebook, there are at least fifty ‘Stop 5G groups’; every major town and city has one - they understand how dangerous it is.

I have been personally affected by these new streetlights since Birmingham City Council Lighting Department tested the 5G function of them in December 2019. They are situated in front of my house and in the roads around the estate. I am electrosensitive, which means that I am able to feel and am adversely affected by radiation from mobile phones and masts, as are nearly a million other people in the UK ( I immediately felt this radiation when it was turned on.

The effects were instant whenever I answered the front door or went near any windows in my house.

The immediate depressed mood, desire to commit suicide was intense. Exposure in line with the streetlight during the day for only a few seconds would produce these effects. When I moved away, they would pass in about ten minutes, and I would be back to normal.

This would happen several times a day before I learned to avoid this exposure.

I phoned the Streetlighting Department, and the result was they turned the 5G RF radiation function off for all the streetlights in the vicinity of my house. Wonderful! I was back to normal life until they came on again on January 1, 2020. This time the Department said responsibility had been passed to the firm Amey who had the contract for maintenance with the council. I contacted them but they didn’t respond. This situation has continued for the last two years. The effects of the radiation have resulted in my only being comfortable to relax or read in the cloakroom/toilet of my house. Often, I have to take my meals in there as i can suffer in both the lounge and the dining room. I cannot go into the garden for more than 10 to 15 minutes, even while wearing a full protective suit made of anti-5G fabric.

Barrie Trower, former Royal Navy microwave weapons’ expert, has stated that radiofrequency radiation (RFR) is the same as the radiation emitted by mobile phone masts and by the 5G-emitting streetlights that have been recently installed across practically every city, town, village and hamlet and many motorways and secondary roads in the UK. 5G involves the use of ever higher radio frequencies - up to 60, 100 and 1,000 GHz, compared to the 2.45 GHz that is used by WiFi routers.

Britain’s 5G network is to include new equipment installed on road signs, bus shelters and traffic lights according to the Daily Mail Online on February 9 2022.

It was when reading the statements below, made by experts in microwave weapons about what can be done with them, that I recognised my own symptoms.

Says Barrie Trower, British military, retired, expert in microwave weapons: “If you are targeting demonstrators (with Radio Frequency radiation), you make them suicidally depressed. They don’t care about demonstrating any more because they are too upset. With one pulse frequency you can make people so suicidal they cannot be bothered to act like a demonstrator anymore. All they want to do is sleep or lay in bed all day.”

If you have new streetlights in your road, you need to consider when they were turned on and what unexplained symptoms you or your family might have developed as a consequence.

If you do have symptoms, you must reduce the radiation that is under your control, i.e., turn off phones, smart meters, ditch smart watches, wireless personal alarms, cordless phones and wifi routers, and unplug all new electrical appliances when not using them. Get everything switched to ethernet cable to get on the internet. Any computer shop can help you do this. In fact, many are going further, getting rid of ‘smart’ phones.

These new weaponised streetlights have been fitted in the area where I live, and unsurprisingly I am suffering the very same symptoms described by Barrie Trower including sudden onset depression and the desire to commit suicide, upset stomach, itching skin, painful joints and muscles, extra systole heart beats, heart arrhythmia, tinnitus, profound lack of motivation, etc.

The ‘Global Smart Street Lighting & Smart Cities’ market forecast (2019-2028) indicates that ‘streetlighting was previously viewed as a major cost - up to 40% of a city’s energy budget - streetlights are now viewed as a “revenue opportunity”.’

Nearly 200,000 scientists, doctors, engineers, citizens and organisations have signed an international appeal to stop 5G. A copy of the petition was handed to Downing Street on January 22 2020.

The best article to explain the dangers of EMF/RFR (Electromagnetic Fields/ RadioFrequency Radiation) to date is, ‘Are You Swimming in an Invisible Sea of EMFs? Here’s What to Do’ by Dr Joseph Mercola. He says, “the telecommunication industry has manipulated federal regulatory agencies, public health authorities and professionals through powerful and sophisticated lobbying efforts leaving consumers confused and unaware of the health risks associated with EMFs.” are-you-swimming-in-an-invisible- sea-of-emfs-heres-what-to-do/

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