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Sir Christopher Chope MP, has produced an excellent leaflet to help victims of the Vaccine

Updated: May 19, 2022

UK Government Vaccine Injury Claims Leaflet - But is it real?

This is a brilliant leaflet packed with credibility and officialness. Print it and use it professionally to start non-conspiratorial conversations which build trust and grow your awakened community!

Target Distribution: Friends, Family, Local GPs, Nurses, Door to Door in your Neighbourhood.

1️⃣ Professionally print in full colour (A5) - do not use a home printer as print quality matters if you want to be taken seriously

2️⃣ Distribute with compassion and professionalism – dress and behave as an official to be taken seriously.

3️⃣ Engage the right mindset – Do not blame, instead stay calm, smile, ask lots of questions and listen to their story. Empower people you meet to act without fear of criticism or ridicule.

4️⃣ Ask victims to tell their own local MP – don't let them escape this inconvenient truth!

We keep going to keep winning!

Download a copy to give to people who may have been injured or harmed by the experimental gene therapy vaccination

Christopher Chope leaflet
Download PDF • 957KB

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