Schizer’s’ Honest Vaccine TV Advertisement!

Credits to: Strong and Free Canada

Posted By The White Rose UK On 11/01/2022

Presentation of “our revolutionary mRNA gene therapy. Not revolutionary in the sense that it actually works, but rather, that it would earn for us unprecedented profits, by convincing people to line up for our injections and pressurising governments and employers to make them mandatory.

We secure trillions for our us and our investors. And thanks to partners like Justin Trudeau, who hasn’t got a functioning brain cell, we can rest assured, that our product will find its way into the arms of tens of millions of Canadians. Over and over and over.

Schizer—Because We Care About Our Profits.

(Side effects may include:

Muscle spasms Seizures Paralysis Guillain Barré Syndrome Myocarditis Pericarditis Parkinson’s Disease Heart attacks Strokes Meningitis Brain death Premature births Still births Sterility Cancer Death.

Do not consult a doctor, we own them too)

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