Russia/Ukraine Crisis Means Shale Gas Now Britain’s Main Weapon Against The Cost Of Living Crisis

Published by CAR26 .org on February 28, 2022

A CAR26 Declaration launched by CAR26 Director Lois Perry, less than two weeks ago, to End The Ban on U.K Fracking has today hit 10,000 Signatures meaning that the Government is obligated to respond.

The CAR26 Declaration was instigated before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and when people were just starting to see higher energy bills landing on their doorsteps

The onset of war has added a new dimension to this debate as people can now clearly see how vital it is to have energy independence. The UK will still be buying £2billion worth of gas from Russia this year.

Lois Perry, director of CAR26 says: “With the Russia/Ukraine crisis creating uncertainty, shale gas is now Britain’s number 1 domestic energy security weapon against the Cost of Living crisis”.

Since launching the CAR26 Declaration many people and organisations are now supporting a return to fracking and a delay or U-turn in the Government’s Net Zero Policies, not least the Former Head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, and a new group of 40 cross-party Parliamentarians, with Nigel Farage and many others jumping on board this ever more pressing issue.

Yesterday, the world’s leading electric car maker, Elon Musk, tweeted that renewables are insufficient to deal with the energy crisis and we need to continue burning oil and gas for now. Across Europe and even in Germany where the Green Party is strong, they are putting Net Zero plans on the back burner and returning to coal and nuclear power.

Miss Perry is behind the UK Government Petition to ‘End the Ban on Fracking’.

In the petition, Miss Perry argues: “We want the Government to allow shale gas to proceed in England, and implement planning reforms to enable shale gas developments.”

The petition states: “Shale gas could increase the availability of cheap local energy at a time of record prices squeezing living standards and leading to inflation and higher interest rates.”

It goes on: “Government policy currently forbids access to these resources. This policy should be reversed”.

According to CAR26 Director, Lois Perry: “With an estimated one trillion pounds of natural gas beneath our feet, it is madness that we are not accessing this now”.

“In America where fracking takes place, consumers pay one-sixth of what we pay for electricity. Our household bills could be £300 per year, instead of the £3,000 per year which is now being predicted.

Miss Perry says: “New cleaner extraction techniques mean that extracting shale gas is now safe for our water supply and safe for our children.”

“New surface coating techniques can control the corrosion and dissolution rates of components in ‘unconventional’ oil and gas systems,” she says.

Speaking at the last CAR26 Forum, Reform UK leader Richard Tice said: “It’s really important that people appreciate that the assets under our feet, that I call Treasure, that’s worth, conservatively, give or take a Trillion pounds, is half our national debt.”

“People [still] think this asset is fracking, but shale gas is not”.

Miss Perry says: “Cleaner technologies mean that shale gas can be extracted safely without poisoning our waters or our children”.

The Prime Minister has acknowledged there was “merit” in the temporary “use of hydrocarbons in this country”.

Just prior to COP26, Lois Perry commissioned the YouGov survey which indicated that 58% of Brits, who expressed an opinion, want a Carbon Net-Zero referendum.

“I launched this CAR26 Declaration so that people can let the Government know we are unhappy with their Net Zero policy, which is putting our energy bills through the roof and risking hyperinflation. They are now also seeing how irresponsible it is to rely on others for our energy. Had Europe not been reliant on Russia, Putin’s war would never have been able to start”.

“There is an extreme urgency to this CAR26 Declaration as the UK’s only two remaining Shale Gas Exploration Sites, both located in Lancashire, are due to be concreted in on 15th March, an act that can only be described as economic vandalism. These wells could and should be operational within a year

“The Gov should ‘Beware the Ides of March’ if it kills off our shales gas well on that very day – 15 March”.

“Given the urgency of the situation, we hope the Government will take a pragmatic view and do as the petitioners have asked, to end the Ban on Fracking.”

“But this is only the start. If the Government are not minded to at this stage we continue to urge the public to sign the CAR26 Declaration to get this crucial issue debated in parliament. More and more MPs are realising how concerned their constituents are about having to decide between eating and heating.”

Conservative Steve Baker MP, the former Brexit Minister said: “Boris should immediately stop the concreting in of current shale gas wells and go for gas with all the vigour of a national war effort”.

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