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Project Veritas is launching a series of videos exposing Government Health Agencies and Big Pharma

Project Veritas will be launching a series of videos exposing government health agencies and pharmaceutical companies - showing what they really think about the COVID vaccine.

They start tonight (Monday 20), with a federal whistleblower who shot hidden camera footage - and it gets more devastating with each successive release.

You won’t want to miss this:

The Video associated with this story has already been taken down by YouTube Here is a brief transcript of the first few seconds:

James O’Keefe: “Why are you choosing to blow the whistle?”

Government Medical Insider: “Because I put my faith in God, not man.”

James O’Keefe: “Are you afraid they [government] are going to retaliate against you?”

Government Medical Insider: “I’m a federal employee. What other federal employees do you see coming out?”

James O’Keefe: “But you put your faith in God.”

Government Medical Insider: “Amen.”

Tomorrow night, when this story comes out, we will need EVERYONE in the Veritas Army to be ready for what may be the largest Big Tech censorship attack we have ever experienced.

The footage is so strong and revealing, we must be prepared to get banned from our platforms (ironically for quoting the federal government and pharmaceutical companies).

We have a plan in place to continue getting you the content, and that’s where we need the Veritas Army to step up like never before.

Distribution by proxy is the only solution to censorship. They can ban us, but they can’t ban millions pursuing the truth.

Click-to-Tweet, screen record, download, and share the clips far and wide if Big Tech makes a move to take down this crucial information.

A Click-to-Tweet link will be available on our official Telegram channel and on tomorrow night's email.

You’ll also be able to download videos very easily through our Telegram channel.

This is way too important. We’re counting on you to get this information to as many people as you possibly can.

Content is King, and no one will stop the spread of TRUTH.

Be Brave,

Project Veritas Team

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