Pfizer’s 2021 Profits Doubled To $22 Billion On Strong COVID Vaccine Sales - Quellé Surprise!

Pfizer forecast more than $50 billion in 2022 sales for its Covid-19 vaccine and medicine this week as the giant pharma company reported a more than doubling of annual profits on strong vaccine sales. [Not really surprising though is it?]

Pfizer, which with German company BioNTech won approval for the first vaccine to counter COVID-19, sees slightly lower 2022 revenues for the vaccine compared to 2021, but a big infusion of revenues from Paxlovid, the company’s medicine for COVID-19.

“2021 was a watershed year for Pfizer,” said Chief Executive Albert Bourla in a statement. “Our successes in leading the fight against COVID-19 have not only made a positive difference in the world; I believe they have fundamentally changed our company forever.”

Pfizer reported annual profits of $22 billion, more than double the 2020 level. Annual revenues nearly doubled to $81.3 billion, with $36.8 billion from the COVID-19 vaccine.

[One can only hope that sometime in the not too distant when the fog of media censorship, corruption and complicity has dissipated, the guilty will be identified, bought to account and justice served on them - indemnity or no indemnity - the guilty must pay]

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