PCR Tests and the Depopulation Program

Kevin Galalae 10 October 2021

Ever since the plandemic has been started, I asked myself why the authorities insist on performing as many Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests as possible, as often as possible on the same individuals, and on as many people as possible given their invasive nature and the fact that they were never meant for diagnostic but for research purposes and are therefore inaccurate and even misleading. The creator of the PCR test himself,

Dr. Kary Mullis, has stated clearly and on many occasions that the results of the PCR tests can be easily misinterpreted to mean anything. Well, now I know how the system is misusing them!

The long swab inserted into the nasopharyngeal cavity all the way to the roof of the nose to collect remnants of viral RNA from the nasal mucosa, the tissue that lines the nasal cavity, damages the fascicles of the olfactory nerve, which, as it turns out, has dire consequences for human health and lifespan because the olfactory nerve is one of only two windows in the cranium through which viruses and bacteria can move from nose to brain, thus can cross the blood-brain barrier, the other one being the trigeminal nerve.

Let me explain!

The olfactory nerve is the only cranial nerve that has stem cells which enable it to continually regenerate throughout life. These stem cells are called olfactory ensheathing cells. They surround the olfactory sensory axons (the appendage of the neuron that transmits impulses away from the cell body) to form the fascicles of the olfactory nerve. In plain English, they are the cells that protect the olfactory nerve and aid its regeneration in case of damage through age or injury.

These cells are so unique that doctors have recently begun using them to successfully repair spinal cord injuries and to treat brain diseases. As it turns out, their self-renewing ability make them an ideal relay pathway through which nerve cells can carry out their own repair. They serve, in other words, as conduits through which regenerating axons can pass.

The olfactory nerve and bulb neurons both have a life span of four to eight months and are replaced continuously by the neural stem cells that scientists have come to call olfactory ensheathing cells to differentiate them from other stem cells. They promote neuron survival and axon extension.

More than this, olfactory ensheathing cells assist in innate immunity because they are phagocytic and, as such, ingest bacteria. They are thus a crucial part of the protection provided to the brain by the immune system.

Last but not least, and most extraordinarily, research shows that once the olfactory ensheathing cells lose their ability to regenerate the chance of dying within five years is four times higher in adults 57 to 85 years old. “Olfactory function is thus one of the strongest predictors of 5-year mortality and may serve as a bellwether for slowed cellular regeneration or as a marker of cumulative toxic environmental exposures.”

A damaged olfactory nerve is to the brain what a damaged gate is to a citadel, a wide-open entryway for attacks by pathogens. The area of the face that encompasses the nose and the tips of the mouth is at the best of times the most vulnerable part of the body as far as infections are concerned, so much so that it has come to be known as the triangle of death. With the immune defenses down and the gate to the brain wide open, it becomes that much more vulnerable, so much so that popping a pimple, plucking a nose hair or even scratching the inner lining of the nose while nose picking can trigger bacterial infections that affect the brain and can become life-threatening.

The PCR tests, therefore, serve two important roles for the depopulation program. In the short-term, by repeatedly damaging the olfactory nerve with nasal swabs the incidence of viral and bacterial infections is rapidly raised and this helps governments create and sustain the impression of a pandemic. Statistics show this positive correlation clearly, for the more people are tested the more people are damaged and left defenseless against various infections that are then mislabeled en masse as Covid infections by simply raising the number of cycles in the thermal cycler until the authorities get the percentage of positive results they want.

And in the long-term, by periodically damaging the olfactory nerve it will lose its ability to regenerate and this helps governments prematurely kill countless people ages 57 to 85, the very age groups governments of the developed world want dead to ease the old-age burden and prevent economic collapse.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that the current inverted population pyramids of the countries of the developed world cannot be brought to a stable structure, let alone reduced to sustainability, without prematurely killing those making up the wings of the population pyramid to stabilise the population before the old-age burden leads to economic collapse.

As it is, every country of the developed world, but especially those in Europe and Japan, have populations that are too old to be economically feasible and too large to be environmentally sustainable. The median age in the EU is 44 years and in Japan it is 48 years.

These are countries of old people that will only get older and will inevitable collapse financially. The EU will have a median age of 50 by 2050 and Japan of 53. Who will take care of the old when they make up 60% of the population and who will pay their pensions and medical costs? These are problems humanity has never faced before.

As for sustainability, the Overshoot Index shows that 114 out of 187 countries have unsustainable populations and that the world itself can sustain only 60% of the current population. Moreover, Earth Overshoot Day, which “marks the date when humanity's demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year" shows that the ecological footprint of most countries exceed the Earth’s biocapacity long before the end of the year and as such these countries destroy the ability of future generations to live on Earth.

Not only is overpopulation a threat to the survival of future generations it is also a threat to the survival of current generations. Nearly eight billion people are vying for the same limited resources and the slice of the pie is getting thinner for every one of us from year to year while mankind ads one billion people to the existing global population every twelve years.

Now back to the PCR tests and their role in the international system’s plan to reduce the global population to sustainability before it is too late.

Some will argue that if a nasopharyngeal swab test is performed properly, thus at an angle of no more than 30 degrees from the horizontal, it shouldn’t touch the olfactory nerve.

However, if performed at an angle within 30 degrees from the horizontal the swab can touch the trigeminal nerve, which would affect the sense of taste and even sight.

Moreover, to damage the sense of smell and/or taste the swab need not harm either the olfactory or the trigeminal nerves, it need only irritate the mucosa of the nasopharyngeal cavity, since the two are closely interrelated, which would also affect the entire limbic system.

This would explain why so-called Covid patients experience loss of function in the entire gamut of behavioral and emotional responses controlled by the limbic system: sleep, fatigue, cognition, orientation, movement, memory, etc.

The mucosa of the nasopharyngeal cavity is damaged irrespective of the angle at which the swab is inserted at so long as it is inserted as deeply and rotated as vigorously as required by the PCR testing procedure, especially when the swabs are designed to do as much damage as possible by having serrated tips capable of scratching and damaging as much epithelium as possible.

Having increased people’s vulnerability to infection by irritating the mucosa of the nasopharyngeal cavity or by damaging the olfactory and trigeminal nerves, the planners of the depopulation strategy have also devised means to increase the number of pathogens as well as the amount of chemicals and neurotoxins that reach the brain.

By mandating mask wearing indoors and outdoors, knowing that exhaled air contains numerous bacteria and viruses, the planners are subjecting billions of people to inhale pathogens that the body exhaled from the respiratory tract, which is always colonized with disease organisms, into the nasopharyngeal cavity and from there straight into the brain via the damaged olfactory or trigeminal nerve entry points.

Hundreds of studies show that the inside of surgical masks contain greatly increased loads of bacteria and fungi after prolonged wearing and are a source of contamination not only for those wearing them but also for those around them.

The latest and most comprehensive study has found that mask wearing by the general population leads to:

“...changes in respiratory physiology of mask wearers with significant correlation of O2 drop

and fatigue (p < 0.05), a clustered co-occurrence of respiratory impairment and O2 drop

(67%), N95 mask and CO2 rise (82%), N95 mask and O2 drop (72%), N95 mask and headache

(60%), respiratory impairment and temperature rise (88%), but also temperature rise and

moisture (100%) under the masks. Extended mask-wearing by the general population could

lead to relevant effects and consequences in many medical fields.”

Moreover, study after study has found that face masks “are not able to completely block the transmission of virus droplets/aerosols even when completely sealed” and are therefore ineffective in preventing the spread of infections.

The system is well too familiar with both these facts and it is mandating mask wearing at all times to intentionally cause respiratory problems it can then falsely attribute to a virus. And this explains the respiratory problems attributed to Covid. Having damaged the immune defenses of the brain and leaving it exposed to pathogens by harming the epithelium of the nasopharyngeal cavity, and then subjecting the brain to asphyxiation by depriving it of oxygen (O2) and bombarding it with carbon dioxide ( CO2) the respiratory centre of the brain, which controls minute-to- minute breathing, and that is in the medulla oblongata, begins to malfunction. As a result, people have trouble breathing. The breathlessness (dyspnoea) associated with Covid is therefore not due to lung lesions but to damage to neural processing, thus due to brain damage.

To increase the incidence of brain damage, whose symptoms can then be conveniently

attributed to a relatively harmless virus of the corona family, the system is employing a third strategy, namely subjecting the adult population to two neurotoxins. The most likely culprits are isodecanes and mycotoxins because the former can be easily hidden in body care products while the latter in foods and drinks (especially beer) that contain mold, but more importantly because both can lead to loss of smell (anosmia) and taste (ageusia). The role of isodecanes in chemosensory dysfunction is well documented as is the role of mycotoxins. Since women use far more cosmetics than men, they would be primarily poisoned with isodecanes, while men would be primarily poisoned with mycotoxins as they can be easily hidden in beer and men consume far more beer than women. These delivery methods would also spare children and teenagers since they use neither cosmetics nor drink beer. Furthermore, children and teenagers are not primed for brain damage by being subjected to PCR tests that damage the their nasopharyngeal cavity and leaves their brains undefended.

While in 2020 children and teenagers were spared the trauma and damage of PCR tests, they remained healthy and rarely if ever displayed symptoms attributed to Covid. As soon as children and teenagers began to be subjected to PCR tests in 2021, they too began to show the symptoms attributed to Covid, but that in fact are the result of deliberately caused brain damage.

I have added this third method of sickening the population via neurotoxins alongside the damage caused by the swabs used for PCR tests and the chronic respiratory damage caused by prolonged mask wearing because people who have never subjected themselves to either PCR tests or constant mask wearing have also fallen ill and have exhibited the same typical symptoms attributed to Covid, including loss of smell and taste.

But the system has not limited itself to just neurotoxins to increase the incidence of illness. It is also using chemicals. Medical staff have experienced a much higher incidence of illness attributed to Covid not because as frontline workers they come into contact with Covid more often than the general population, but because the Battelle Memorial Institute, which is where the plandemic is being coordinated from, has used hydrogen peroxide and a proprietary system that was emergency authorized on 29 March 2020 to sterilize face masks so they can be reused in hospitals and clinics throughout the medical system. This method of causing respiratory problems in medical personnel was so effective that not even the FDA could stomach the damage and first issued a warning to Battelle, on 7 October 2020, and eventually revoked its authorization on 30 April 2021, by which the time the damage had been done and the system no longer needed poisoned masks to sicken frontline workers because Covid vaccines came into effect and the plandemic has been driven by vaccine injuries ever since.

Another chemical used by the system to cause maximum damage to the brain so as to sustain the illusion of a pandemic is ethylene oxide, a well-known cancer-causing substance, which is used to sterilize the PCR test swabs themselves. And since the swabs smear this mutagenic chemical on the mucosa of the nose, which is hypersensitive, it damages our health in unknown ways.

Finally, the general population has been subjected to an onslaught of dangerous chemicals through hand sanitizers, whose use medical authorities have mandated for the most mundane activities ever since the plandemic has been started. Methanol is probably the most dangerous and most often found chemical in hand sanitizers. The FDA has a list of 75 hand sanitizers that contain methanol and warns the public to stay away from them. It is also known to cause metabolic acidosis, visual disturbances and neurological deficit.

To sum it all up, the coronavirus blamed for countless deaths real and imagined is a political fiction. The symptoms attributed to Covid are caused by a deliberate three-pronged attack on our health and lives by our own national and international authorities who:

  • first, damage the epithelium of the nasopharyngeal cavity with PCR test swabs to bring down the immune defenses that protect our brain leaving our control center exposed to viruses, bacteria, chemicals and neurotoxins that can now get passed the blood-brain barrier

  • second, create a closed loop between the mouth and the nose, thus between outgoing and incoming air, by forcing us to wear face masks throughout the day, in order to subject our exposed brains to constant assault with viruses, bacteria and fungi the body is trying to get rid of and to chronically asphyxiate our brains

  • third, increase damage to the brain by subjecting us to chemicals and neurotoxins that have no place in our environment and that could never reach the brain had they not destroyed the blood-brain barrier

This explains, among other things:

Why the common flu has disappeared from the statistics in 2020 and health authorities attribute to Covid the pathologies of nearly every infection on the planet.

Why children and teenagers have not fallen ill with Covid until they too became subject to nasal swab tests.

Why as soon as PCR testing goes up the incidence of illness goes up too.

Why patients with no lung damage whatsoever experience breathing problems.

Why the pathology attributed to Covid is so wide-ranging and so far removed from any other viral infection of the respiratory tract

Why the pandemic disappears and reappears when a government decides that its pandemic prevention measures do not affect the summer and winter holiday season, especially in countries that live off tourism.

Why so-called Covid patients take up to six months to be free of symptoms, which is not the kind of damage viruses are capable of, but that can be explained by brain damage, which takes a long time to heal.

Why in temperate countries the virus disappears in the summer while in hot countries where it is always summer it never disappears.

Why vaccine passports are only given to people who are either vaccinated or have had positive PCR tests, but never to those who show that they have naturally acquired antibodies since their end goal is to kill as many of us as possible.

Why there is no pharmacological treatment for Covid, since there is no Covid, and repeated trauma to parts of the body that are crucial to the body’s immune defenses and to brain health cannot be healed with drugs.

Why at the beginning of the plandemic the hospitals were empty and medical staff were sent home or trained to do choreographed dances, but shortly after PCR testing began the hospitals filled.

And why governments continue to insist on subjecting as many people as possible as often as possible to an intrusive medical test that can be easily done by analyzing saliva.

To solve the demographic and environmental problems we face, governments have decided, and the Vatican has approved, that henceforth no one shall die of natural causes and that the only choice the people have is whether to die by vaccine or by PCR test.

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