Our civilisation is threatened – now is the time to stand up and be counted

January 08, 2022 - By Ewen Stewart

THE CONTRAST with a wonderful traditional Christmas with one’s family and the self-inflicted political maelstrom could not be sharper. It’s a tragedy. We should all have been sitting down to turkey thankful for the extraordinary peace and prosperity that our Western civilisation had brought, not sitting cowed and on the retreat in almost every political, cultural and economic sphere.

No other generation has been so fortunate, at so many levels, as this one. On almost all matrix from a general affluence unheard of throughout all history, to rising longevity, or until lockdown at least, an ability to trot the globe in a way even Rockefeller could not, we – through the accumulated knowledge, enterprise and hard work of our civilisation – enjoy the fruits.

More, just a generation ago the West was obviously triumphant. The Evil Empire of the Soviet Union had been vanquished, not by invasion, but because our ideas of democracy, free markets, light Government and the rule of law were superior to coercion.

Unable to compete, the Soviets crumbled from within. So great was our victory that one or two misguided people even talked about ‘the end of history.’ No such luck.

Today while we still enjoy the legacy, fruits of prosperity and technological innovation that has provided untold cultural, commercial and scientific advantages, we are staring, quite literally over the abyss, challenged by a chronic loss of elite self-confidence and even self-loathing, jeopardising all that Christendom has provided.

Has ever a civilisation that has been so manifestly successful and without material external threat so quickly risked its very existence?

One might think this polemical, perhaps it is, but at so many levels what made our civilisation so successful is being undermined deliberately by political and academic elites and at breakneck speed.

We now live under the false Gods of extreme liberalism and Marxist revisionism that has gone mainstream – where absolutes are abolished and the rocks that build society of family, personal responsibility, community, rule of law, competition and economic freedom are being replaced with a deliberate attempt to expunge our history and values coupled with a zealous regulatory framework, an overweening state that professes to know all. We endure regular attacks on the very basis of our society, the family – and a surveillance society either via CCTV or NHS App which gnaws at our historic freedoms, crushes individualism and personal choice.

Worse, as one of the unforeseen impacts of the response to Coronavirus it has become very apparent that Governments – including our own – can frighten their people and indeed have admitted to doing so to gain compliance.

Who would have believed a British government would use Cameron’s invention of the Orwellian named ‘Behavioural Science Unit’ to control its own people through the magnification of fear – and brag about it?

Regardless of one’s opinion of the lockdown restrictions, and thankfully there is only marginally more sanity in England than Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Austria – to name but a few – what is clear is the State apparatus has now been test run to effectively close inconvenient debates.

Since when did the OFCOM as they proudly proclaim on the very front page of their website have the right to enforce the terms of political debate, thus effectively crushing any alternative view from the rather questionable State view?

What does this mean in the future for challenging other orthodoxies, for example from lockdown to net zero to woke to name but two? Why do we need a state regulator of information in the first place? Who do they not trust?

Increasingly this liberal democracy we live in coalesces around one view. The State view.

There is almost no mainstream opposition to lockdown, extreme wokeism in the media, universities or the proliferation of diversity league tables and so-called contextual offers (discrimination in any other language).

Where is the debate on the undermining of the traditional family? What about a serious debate on a decade of money printing and zero interest rates by the central bank or whether the dash to go green will result in massively higher electricity bills and possible supply disruption?

On the blogosphere there is some push back but amongst the permanent bureaucracy, academic, media and professional political class almost no debate at all, despite the many millions who dissent from the State view. What is the point of this Parliament if controversial ideas are not challenged?

What is the point if a Party wins power on a Manifesto that is rather broader than just ‘Get Brexit done’ – including an explicit assumption of lower taxes, an attack on what was then called political correctness – and a Prime Minster who had written extensively as a climate sceptic and only briefly mentioned a green agenda as a passing thought on page 56 of his manifesto – if, when the time comes, on each and every issue the Government does the polar opposite of what was promised, and with virtually no Parliamentary questioning.

What sort of democracy is this?

The West is in a terrible self-inflicted mess tortured by a total lack of its own confidence and attacked from within by a tiny clique of self-loathing intellectuals who despise our culture and way of life. This group, who are deeply unrepresentative of opinion as a whole, are acting intentionally in a way that makes debate near impossible.

Disagree and you are cancelled.

Fear not, however. This might be their high-water mark, for I predict in 2022 things are going to get a lot tougher for them. Their current path is not sustainable.

On almost every measure Government is out of control. A public sector that largely does not work, which we are told to clap, a monetary policy that prints £900bn and keeps interest rates at almost zero for over a decade now leading unsurprisingly to inflation, an energy policy that will not only cause the lights to flicker but is directly causing ‘a cost of living crisis,’ a defence policy that hollows-out the army to an unsustainable size, a tax system that is the most complex in the world with the highest taxes in fifty years, a legal system that allows protestors who deface statues or block roads to fear no consequences of public condemnation through the rule of law.

This cannot continue. There is no muddle through here.

Either we are heading for a technocratic rock – where debate narrows around a tiny oscillator, but even then the buttons the bureaucracy has to press will get more and more extreme to keep a broken system almost functioning – or there will be a 1970’s style political fight-back.

It might be a volatile and a challenging ride, but my money is on a fight-back. Our civilisation is stronger and more resilient than these self-loathing defeatists think. The West has gone through periods of collective insanity before, but so long as we hold our nerve sanity will eventually prevail.

Family, freedom, choice, free enterprise always beats centralise, control and coerce. These zealots who profess to govern us are the ones in the last chance saloon.

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Ewen Stewart is a City economist whose career has spanned over 30 years. He is director of Global Britain and a co-founder of Brexit-Watch.org.

Photo of the “I am Spartacus” scene – from the movie Spartacus.

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