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This was a really thought-provoking deep dive into the issue of the Online Safety Bill with fantastic input from all three of our Keynote Speakers (Toby Young, Jennie Bristow and Francis Hoar).

As you will hear from Toby Young, we are still waiting for the final wording to be released next week. We will then have a clearer idea of the best next steps. We have now opened ticket sales for the 3rd in this series of #together talks next Wednesday 16 March at 8pm to discuss the Police, Crimes, Sentencing & Courts bill.

We will hear from Baroness Claire Fox and Harry Miller to see how critical the right to peaceful protest is in a democratic society. We hope to see many sign up for the live Zoom tickets in order to have your voice heard in the debate, with an opportunity to ask specific questions to the panel.

Do not restrict our right to freedom of expression online

We believe the Government’s draft Online Safety Bill poses one of the greatest threats to free speech of any law in the UK in living memory. We are calling on the Government to remove provisions within the Bill which specifically target lawful expression.

The right to free expression is the foundation of our democracy in the UK. The Online Safety Bill does nothing to help police deal with crime online but will force social media companies to act on lawful speech of any type that Ministers choose. The Government has a duty under human rights law to protect free speech and must remove requirements that specifically target lawful speech from the Bill.

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We are stronger #Together!

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