One in three in England remain jab free

ACCORDING to a recent vaccine surveillance report by the UK government’s Orwellian-named Health Security Agency (HSA), around one in three among the eligible population of England have rejected the incessant push to get a covid shot.


This despite Sir Patrick Vallance stating in a telescreen briefing back in September that, “there are five million or so people who are eligible for vaccines now who haven’t been vaccinated”.

The HSA publishes a weekly vaccine surveillance report, within which there is a section on ‘population impact’ of the covid-19 shots, and it clearly states that ‘by 12th December 2021, the overall vaccine uptake in England for dose 1 was 67.9% and for dose 2 was 62.2%.’ The report also says that uptake for dose 3 was 31.4%.

According to the ONS, the population of England is roughly 56 million, with around 8 million children under the age of 12, thus there are around 48 million people eligible for a shot.

67.9% of 48 million equals 32.6 million, and 48 minus 32.6 is 15.4 million people who have so far resisted the relentless and ubiquitous propaganda aimed at convincing them that taking part in the experimental mRNA trials for a disease with a 99.9+% recovery rate is a noble and healthy thing to do.

The technique of ‘sheep factoring’ is well known among marketeers and salespeople - ‘everyone else is doing it so you should too’.

Advertising throughout the plandemic campaign has often reflected this idea of we’re all in this together, herd immunity through vaccines rather than nature, and don’t be the only one not allowed to go places because you don’t have a vaccine passport.

Anyone with even a vague recollection of recent history will realise that what starts out in one sector and for certain things soon expands to include almost everything.

First they mandated drug trial injections for care home workers, many of whom have now lost their jobs. Now they’re coming for NHS workers, and soon it will be for every sector.

Using deceptive techniques like manipulating statistics to tell a story that supports the fear narrative, is a long-time technique of the rulers to keep populations in line. Once people lose their fear, you cannot control them.

In recent weeks, it seems their grip is most definitely loosening, as around half of people are in masks, and almost none where not required.

However, there is still a majority who are Pavlovian-trained to go into a helpless state of compliance and shock through fear, evidenced by the queues of people lining up outside covid shot centres in the cold and rain to get protected from what they have been trained to believe is a deadly disease, and which seems to the rest of us very much like the flu.

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